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Spiderwick Chronicles

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Pippo Fri 21-Mar-08 12:00:10

Has anyone seen the Spiderwick Chronicles yet; thinking of taking dd who is 6; would it be too scary? TIA

Pippo Fri 21-Mar-08 12:21:17


Threadworm Fri 21-Mar-08 12:26:09

Seeing it this afternoon. Will report back. grin

Novicecamper Fri 21-Mar-08 12:27:33

ds1, who is almost 7, said he didn't want to see it just based on the trailer!

Pippo Fri 21-Mar-08 14:56:49

thank you

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 14:58:58

ds1 is 4 and he really wants to see it, so am taking him tomorrow, whilst leaving ds2 at home as he wouldnt sit still for 5 mins!

Threadworm Fri 21-Mar-08 20:26:08

We saw it today. It was quite good. DS2 (8) says that some bits might be a bit scary for a 6yo. It depends how sensitive she is. Certainly my two wouldn't have been scared by it at that age. But they are quite tough!

It was quite good, charming. The child actors weren't at all nauseating, which is always a plus.

I'd recommend it on the whole.

FairyMum Fri 21-Mar-08 20:36:07

DH saw it with DD who is 9 and she thought bits in it was scary, but I guess she is a bit of a softie. I would never take my 6 year-old to see it and shock at the idea of taking a 4 year-old.

roisin Fri 21-Mar-08 20:50:39

We saw it with dss 8 and 10 - they loved it. I wasn't really thinking about sensitive younger children, so can't really comment on how scary it was (mine are past that stage really).

But a couple of teenagers from school (yr9 - 14 yrs) were there, and they had read the books and enjoyed the film. So I guess it's probably not aimed at infants.

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 21:30:28

Oh no. I didint think it would be that scarey. ds1 adores Labyrinth, and I assumed it'd be on a par with that sad Maybe I'll have to talk to him in the morning, show him the film clip, see what he thinks. He so badly wants to see it. Horton and Water Horse are also on, as an alternative, but I think he'll be disappointed.

policywonk Fri 21-Mar-08 21:32:26

Mark Kermode on R5L today said he wouldn't recommend it for children who are fairly easily scared. He said it's good but a bit frightening, and recommended Horton Hears a Who for the younger children. <public service>

KerryMum Fri 21-Mar-08 21:34:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 21:34:50

Thanks policywonk. Did he perhaps give advice on broaching the subject with a 4 year old? grin

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 21:36:23

Ah, kerrymum, I'm so glad you came on here. Was beginning to feel very daft for being the only person who wanted to take a littlie to see it! ds1 is 4.5 and nort easily scared, but now I'm worried about scarring him for life.

policywonk Fri 21-Mar-08 21:36:56

LOL - no!

Strategic lying? 'Oh no darling, it's completely sold out...'

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 21:41:27

Hmmm, did think of that. But he can see right through every lie!

KerryMum Fri 21-Mar-08 21:47:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mustrunmore Fri 21-Mar-08 21:51:05

Just shown clip and trailer to dh, who said 'I dont know, you decide'. Very helpful!
ds1 wouldnt mind most of it, in fact, the only scarey bit I saw was the beast thing that was after the book, but it depends how bad that is and how long it lasts. Oh. I 'm dithering!

KerryMum Sat 22-Mar-08 17:32:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mustrunmore Sat 22-Mar-08 17:37:31

Dont tell me that sad Wesaw Water horse and ds1 loved it. Still wish I'd seen spidferwick. Tell me about the scarey bit please. Just incase we get another stab at it.

KerryMum Sat 22-Mar-08 17:49:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allgonebellyup Sat 22-Mar-08 17:51:49

we saw it last week.

ds who is 4 loved it!!!

not really that scary!

Spidermama Sat 22-Mar-08 18:03:49

I'm just back from seeing it. DS4 had to be taken out by dh because it was too scarey. Great film though. Should be fine for six and over unless they#re particularly sensitive.

lou33 Sun 23-Mar-08 23:35:40

took all four of mine today to see it, ages ranging from almost 16 down to 7

they all loved it

but i would say a 6 yr old would be borderline

before the film starts it says it recommends it for those aged 8 and over

there are some parts that could be scary for younger ones

bluenosesaint Fri 28-Mar-08 00:06:39

Fabulous film

I took my two dd's (8 and 5) and my neice and nephew (9 and 7) they all loved it! Me too grin

There were a few scenes that were quite scary - my 8yo probably found it scariest but she's very sensitive (she literally jumped out of her seat at one point!) My 5yo however, and her cousins were completely unphased.

All were raving about it for days smile

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