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Phantom of the Opera - The Movie

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Titania Sat 11-Dec-04 15:38:26

Been waiting for AGES for it to come out........going to see it tonight....anyone seen it yet? Will post tomorrow (if my computer lets me!!!!) with a review!!!

Titania Sun 12-Dec-04 13:10:42

well we was great!! They used all the original songs and music from the stage play. I don't think that the actors sang them as well as the ones in the stage play but it was still very very good......I wasn't disappointed. They did add a bit onto the end in the film version which was good.

Eshay Sat 18-Dec-04 21:42:00

I went to see it with DS at a mums and babies morning in Clapham. I absolutely loved the stage play and had been looking forward to the movie. It was almost word for word like the stage version, so I was very happy. I was a bit surprised to see Minnie Driver but I think she did a good job being a jealous diva. I will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. I might just go and see it again before that time. I know, i'm a bit sad, but I just love it!
DS quite liked it too as there were so many songs. It struck me that most babies were quiet when Cristine sang her songs.

Auntyquatedpresentbelated Mon 20-Dec-04 00:02:39

just returned, enjoyed it but felt a bit sad it wasnt the real thing! Thought the first 20 mins were excellent.

hazlinh Mon 20-Dec-04 03:47:20

saw it on friday nite, loved it to bits!!! admittedly i last saw the stage version some 12 years ago so my memory ain't so good and i can't really compare the two...but i love the new bit at the end!!! butler's phantom was amazing, i cried unashamedly for his tragic life in the final scenes or act as it were...maybe i just didn't have high expectations. i certainly don't regret watching the movie version

Waswondering Thu 23-Dec-04 09:26:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Titania Mon 03-Jan-05 17:10:49

emmy rossum apparently didnt see the original musical as she wanted to feel as though she was playing a fresh role rather than have to live up to the reputation of sarah brightman and all the others who have played christine.....

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