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Film recommendations for a gaggle of 7 year old girls please

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SlightlyMadShrek Sat 02-Feb-08 22:39:30

Nanny McPhee - perfect but most of them have seen it
High School Musical - OK, but most of them have seen it

Trying to avoid animated disney & Bratz.

More suggestions please.

twinklytoes Sat 02-Feb-08 22:42:00

favs here at the moment include matilda and bedknobs and broomsticks

MegSophandEmma Sat 02-Feb-08 22:42:21

Sound of music. I rented it this week for my 2 dds and they loved it!! ages 6 and 5.

TurkeyLurkey Sat 02-Feb-08 22:45:10

Another vote for Matilda! My 7 and 5 year old watched it the other day and were mesmerised.

hellymelly Sat 02-Feb-08 22:48:00

"Fly away home" is a fab tear jerker (in a good way) with a happy ending,if they love animals they will love it,it has a great story and a wonderful lead (that little girl from "the piano").that is the best I can think of for that age group other than musicals-my fair lady etc.Now I want to go and watch "fly away home" with a box of chocs,its really fab!

PrincessPeahead Sat 02-Feb-08 22:48:25

princess diaries
meet the robinsons
racing stripes
the shaggy dog

Aero Sat 02-Feb-08 22:50:05

Annie (the original one, not th later rubbish version).

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 02-Feb-08 22:52:39

Princess Diaries 1 and 2 are both excellent films.

Another film that DD who is 7 likes is "A bridge to Terabithia" (please excuse spelling)

gigglewitch Sat 02-Feb-08 22:55:07

high school musical 2 ?? grin
bedknobs and broomsticks - we were watching tonight with our DC!

NutterlyUts Sat 02-Feb-08 22:55:15

Cheaper by the Dozen


seeker Sat 02-Feb-08 22:55:17

School of Rock
Hal's Moving Castle
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Princess Bride
Freaky Friday

SlightlyMadShrek Sat 02-Feb-08 22:55:35

Matilda...that was the one I was thinking of!!!

Is the borrowers too young?

quickdrawmcgraw Sat 02-Feb-08 22:56:48

The Princess Bride is fantastic. dd loves it.

Bluenosesaint Sat 02-Feb-08 22:57:01

Mary Poppins
Sound of Music
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ...

Cathpot Sat 02-Feb-08 23:06:49

oo another vote for princess bride, my favourite film, cant wait until my dd is old enough so can watch it with her..

Aero Sat 02-Feb-08 23:09:57

Labyrinth also very good, and hairspray. Dd is 7 and enjoyed both of these.

SlightlyMadShrek Sat 02-Feb-08 23:11:18

I had forgotten about Labyrinth. It is quite long though isn't it?

SlightlyMadShrek Sat 02-Feb-08 23:12:25

Never heard of hairspray?!?!?

cluelessnchaos Sat 02-Feb-08 23:16:19

ooh I second fly away home

seeker Sat 02-Feb-08 23:16:20

Swallows and Amazons. The Railway Children.

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 02-Feb-08 23:19:36

The Bridge To Terabithia is quite a weepy, its quite sad but a lovely film! Would thoroughly recommend it!

SlightlyMadShrek Sat 02-Feb-08 23:21:22

Right Bridge to out.

It MUST NOT be weepy.

At least 3 of the children are so sensitive and cry at a bloody happy ending...

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 02-Feb-08 23:24:40

Why not ask girls what are their favourite film, tell them you will go on the most popular!

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 02-Feb-08 23:25:37

Terabithia is a sad ending as someone dies! So it is not a happy ending at all!

mynaughtylittlesister Sat 02-Feb-08 23:26:47

A simple wish (actress the same as Matilda1"

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