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anyone seen I AM LEGEND..i am thinking of going to see it this pm as the cinema is shut tinite

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SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 13:58:29

..will smith as a scientistleft in NY

themoon66 Mon 31-Dec-07 14:07:12

bump... coz i want to know if it's any good too. Am planning to go with best mate later this week.

S101 Mon 31-Dec-07 14:07:26

My dh went yesterday afternoon by himself.

Said it was a good film, a bit jumpy in places.

Worth seeing.

But that is dh opinion.

SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 19:53:58

well it wasn't that impressive to me

will smith looked quite fanciable occasionally the opening car sequence was ok

and some of the cinematography

but the story was fairly ill explained

and i kept dropping off to sleep

Bluestocking Mon 31-Dec-07 19:56:33

I started a thread about it a few days ago, it's here. I enjoyed it!

SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 19:59:25

lol i did look but under film not in chat babe

well i did say he was ok and the sequence yep showing ny

zombies were unscary imo too

WendyWeber Mon 31-Dec-07 20:01:53

DS2 and his mates went to see it this week. I said was it OK and he said yes but that's as far as he went about it!

Bluestocking Mon 31-Dec-07 20:06:22

I wasn't sure where to put it - I wasn't sure I was up to composing a full review, just wanted to know if anyone else had seen it!

handlemecarefully Sun 27-Jan-08 19:21:47

I know this is an old thread that I am resurrecting, but only got around to seeing the film last night.

Have checked out this thread, and the referenced linked thread, and can't quite believe the mixed reviews.

Badly explained - que?
Weak ending - eh?
Zombies not scary - wot?

Were we watching the same film? I felt it was extremely good example of it's genre. Didn't rely on lots of gratuitous gore for the scares, and kept the tension going throughout...

In answer to the point made about Will Smith's character being suspiciously over organised - he's a scientist and it's his job to methodical and pay attention to detail. He still had electricity because he had rigged up his own Heath Robinson method for generating it himself....

Bluestocking Sun 27-Jan-08 19:24:03

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, HMC!

constancereader Sun 27-Jan-08 19:25:19

I enjoyed it, thought it was good but it scared the crap out of me. I think I am too old for films like this, I literally jumped out of my skin and made little shreiking noises.

I couldn't believe the way they changed the meaning of 'I Am Legend' from the book to the film though. It couldn't have been more different.

discoverlife Sun 27-Jan-08 19:25:33

I liked it too.

Bluestocking Sun 27-Jan-08 19:26:09

Tell me, Constance, what was the meaning in the book? I haven't read it.

constancereader Sun 27-Jan-08 19:27:16

shrieking (not sure if that is right either...what has happened to me????blush)

EllieG Sun 27-Jan-08 19:28:32

Made me scared. Didn't like the monsters.

lunavix Sun 27-Jan-08 19:30:04



it was 28 days later but about one man and his dog, as opposed to a group of slightly more diverse people

ZippiBabes Sun 27-Jan-08 19:31:56

rofl i still hold to it was not very good and not scary and plot free

you wil be saying sweeney todd was scary next smile

ZippiBabes Sun 27-Jan-08 19:33:00

i had an exciting nye didnt i

constancereader Sun 27-Jan-08 19:33:14

In the book he isn't a scientist, but he goes around killing the vampires as it is the only thing to do...

The vampires talk in the book, and hang around outside taunting him.

In the end he comes to realise that the new society that exists now is the norm and that HE is the monster (due to the killing). He is now the legendary killer.

It is a very bleak ending.

Bluestocking Sun 27-Jan-08 19:34:34

Thanks CR, that is a much more interesting idea than the film - that "happy ending" is so totally bogus!

MingMingtheWonderPet Sun 27-Jan-08 19:35:37

I really liked it.

Made me laugh that a fab scientist was also well buff, super fit and had great looking wife and kid. I thought they all wore sandals, had beards and only chatted to people on the internet! smile

Bluestocking Sun 27-Jan-08 19:37:20

... not to mention that he had possibly the most desirable residence in the whole of Manhattan - a whole brownstone on Washington Square - I mean, come on, how much do they pay soldier-scientists?

Kimi Sun 27-Jan-08 19:42:50

Saw it 2 weeks ago and loved it, although I do like will smith.
It is NOTHING like the book.

Kimi Sun 27-Jan-08 19:45:05

DS2 ask me what I was going to see and DH1 said, mum is going to see I am leg end, its a film about a foot grin

constancereader Sun 27-Jan-08 19:59:50

I thought Emma Thompson must have had a laugh playing her part.

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