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.....and what film are you angry you wasted your life watching?

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Socci Wed 13-Oct-04 13:16:49

Message withdrawn

popsycal Wed 13-Oct-04 13:17:15

pret a porter

Northerner Wed 13-Oct-04 13:17:28

The Piano

bundle Wed 13-Oct-04 13:18:09

love actually (but i did have a bad cold and just wanted to be somewhere warm)

Frenchgirl Wed 13-Oct-04 13:18:19

eyes wide shut
the hours

popsycal Wed 13-Oct-04 13:18:23

i agree on love actually¬

woodpops Wed 13-Oct-04 13:18:42

Fantasia. What a pile of pants.

suzywong Wed 13-Oct-04 13:18:44

Bruce Almighty

(I take it we are talking paid money at the cinema rather than rented from Blockbusters here)

funkydiva Wed 13-Oct-04 13:19:16

agree with eyes wide shut, complete nonsense!

Angeliz Wed 13-Oct-04 13:19:33

The english patient
Vanilla Sky
In the cut

charliecatthenonsmoker Wed 13-Oct-04 13:19:39

That stupid Mike Myers thing

mrsflowerpot Wed 13-Oct-04 13:19:40

AI. Actually felt like sending Steven Spielberg an invoice for my time watching that one.

JoolsToo Wed 13-Oct-04 13:19:41

Pretty Woman
Dirty Dancing and all that girly rubbish!

MummyToSteven Wed 13-Oct-04 13:20:18

love actually
minority report

JoolsToo Wed 13-Oct-04 13:20:27

oh the worst one ever was Death in Venice - could have slit my throat after that one - dire!

Titania Wed 13-Oct-04 13:20:42


spacemonkey Wed 13-Oct-04 13:21:04

Independence Day

what a load of old shite

vict17 Wed 13-Oct-04 13:22:00

Definitely Eyes Wide Shut
Starship Troopers

Socci Wed 13-Oct-04 13:22:09

Message withdrawn

lydialemon Wed 13-Oct-04 13:22:39

Second vote for AI. First time I've wanted to snap a DVD in half. Big pile of smelly poo.

Frenchgirl Wed 13-Oct-04 13:24:28

the full monty socci????

lou33 Wed 13-Oct-04 13:24:35

Bruce Almighty, Love Actually, Armageddon

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 13-Oct-04 13:24:46


Eyes Wide Shut

Caligula Wed 13-Oct-04 13:30:27

The Piano.
Out of Africa
Bachelor Party
Independence Day
Sweet Home Alabama

woodpops Wed 13-Oct-04 13:31:30

Billy Elliot. What exactly was all the fuss about???

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