Scariest film you’ve seen

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Downunderduchess Fri 10-Apr-20 06:15:44

What has been the scariest movie you’ve ever seen, one that freaks you out, even years later?

I still remember seeing the original When a Stranger Calls & Sleeping With The Enemy. Psychological thrillers scare me more than horror or gore. The building of suspense.

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TheBusDriver Thu 02-Jul-20 10:39:47

the 1st half hour of Jeepers Creepers

Ohchristmastreeohchristmastree Mon 15-Jun-20 10:19:28

Jaws. The first death had always stuck with me, and always makes me unsettled about swimming in the sea.

Personal Shopper. There is one scene in that movie that literally made my blood run cold and get goosebumps all over. I don’t think a movie has ever done that to me before.

Brahumbug Tue 09-Jun-20 18:46:11

As anybody seen Unfriended? That was seriously scary!

mexicanracer Fri 22-May-20 15:12:04

Event Horizon is fantastic and properly had my hairs standing on end!

I remember watching House 3 as a young kid, and had bad nightmares for weeks.

I love a good jump scare, and myself and my DG have watched some corkers, and gives me a laugh watching her jump out of her skin.

Blackberrybunnet Sun 17-May-20 14:00:54

The Babadook. It was so creepy I couldn't watch it all. I have been told, however, that it gets sillier and therefore less scary, as it progresses

LetsGoFlyAKiteee Fri 08-May-20 22:31:07

The orphanage.. though did go from omg what is happening to crying.

Woman in Black..stage play was worse.

The Descent


Doingtheboxerbeat Fri 08-May-20 00:57:29

Don't scare easily but Mothman prophecies unsettled me years ago.
Other just make me jump like Insidious and Sinister. Most recently though was Dark Skies.

May84 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:22:04

I found The Ring really scary when I watched it, Hereditary wasn't scary as such but gave me a weird unsettled feeling for a few days.
I watched Candyman when I was 10yrs old and was scared of mirrors for years, even know I can't look at mirrors at night!
I find ghosts and supernatural things much more scary as I have sleep paralysis and hallucinate things at night so I have to be careful what I watch, although I love horror films.

The scariest thing I have ever seen is the play of The Woman in Black. It is unbelievably good, but so terrifying, full grown men in the audience were screaming! I made my husband come to the toilet with me at night for about 3 days afterwards 🤣

mynameisntlouise Tue 21-Apr-20 06:21:25

The first two thirds of Insidious are terrifying, then the end gets silly and ruins it. I find suspense horror the most scary.

When I was about 8-12 my brother would watch horror films in the living room and I'd somehow just be left to watch them with him?? I was about 8 when I watched the Night of the Living Dead and I had nightmares about zombies for a long time. After watching, it was middle of the day in the school holidays and I went to find my dad in the garden (you went through their bedroom) and he had a moldy-green coloured rubber gardening glove just poking out from under the bed with the cuff obscured. It was terrifying.

Also saw the Audition with my brother when I was a bit older, also terrifying.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 21-Apr-20 05:34:06

The scariest thing about The Wickerman with Nick Cage was his acting!

avamiah Tue 21-Apr-20 02:53:31

Oh yes the Wicker man remake with Nick Cage was scary .

Claptonisgod Tue 21-Apr-20 02:40:56

Halloween and Exorcist scary throughout
Don't look now very creepy- ending terrifying same for The Wicker Man
Although it's not a horror film as such Assault on Precinct 13 was so bleak and disturbing it was scary

avamiah Tue 21-Apr-20 01:41:36

Yes Sleeping with the Enemy was very scary and unfortunately a little to close to home for me.

AuntMasha Tue 21-Apr-20 01:35:52

Oh, I’ve just remembered ‘Kill List’ - starts like a British gangster movie and then shifts into something really dark and sinister.

AuntMasha Tue 21-Apr-20 01:00:00

The original ‘The Vanishing’ (Dutch version) really freaked me out when I first saw it. The ending is something else.

Remember watching horror films when young with my sister. The one that I can’t shake off is ‘Don’t Look Now’.

Couldn’t watch ‘Wolf Creek’ again, extremely disturbing. Wasn’t it partly based on the Ivan Milat murders?

As an adult, ‘Audition’ is very creepy with an unbearably uncomfortable climax.

Love Horror and particularly Lovecraftian Science fiction horror, they’re my favourite genres.

bumblenbean Sun 19-Apr-20 16:59:35

surly nobody I know has seen it, I really wanted to discuss it afterwards but couldn’t convince anyone else to watch it 😆 it’s hard to describe why it freaked me out more than other similar films - it was just so relentless!

Pajamagirl Sun 19-Apr-20 11:59:03

Nocturnal animals Tom ford film
It feels so menacing particularly the road scene at the beginning .

Surly Sun 19-Apr-20 11:58:01

I second 'the loved ones' it was creepy as hell

Yesterdayforgotten Sun 19-Apr-20 11:39:53

Looking for Magic’ by The Dwight Twilley Band from You’re Next is such a creepy but catchy horror theme song. I loved how it kept playing and reappearing.

bumblenbean Sun 19-Apr-20 10:56:38

Agree about Sinister. I’m hard to scare and that one really unsettled me.

The original French Martyrs is extremely disturbing. It’s the only film I’ve struggled to finish and at one point nearly turned off, but wanted to see how it ended. Really hard going so approach with caution!

A rather obscure Australian horror film called ‘the loved ones’ about a teenage girl and her psychopathic father who imprison a boy who rejects her. Very very dark but extremely well acted and original.

MySonIsAlsoNamedBort Sun 19-Apr-20 10:42:00

The Strangers.

Horrifying and even more horrifying because it's a true story.

BlackSwan Sun 19-Apr-20 10:31:19

Spoorloos - the Vanishishing.
Dutch film I think - about abduction and being buried alive. Chilling stuff.

CaptSkippy Sat 18-Apr-20 11:37:51

Watership Down. I think I was about 10 when I watched it for the first time and it gave me nightmares for weeks.

Kyzya Sat 18-Apr-20 11:33:55

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MehitabelWhurl Fri 17-Apr-20 08:31:20

I like The Ritual on Netflix.

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