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Top TV/Film Hunks

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Chinchilla Mon 09-Sep-02 11:07:31

OK, as discussed in the MMR thread, here we go:

My votes go to:

Stephen Macintosh
Sean Bean
Sean Pertwee
Tom Cruise


Chinchilla Mon 09-Sep-02 11:08:08

Oh, I forgot Paul Magann!

Enid Mon 09-Sep-02 11:09:19

Angel from Buffy - when he was young and thin, not bloaty Angel from Angel (although he'd do in a pinch).

I like weirdos like Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe.

Chinchilla Mon 09-Sep-02 11:10:05

Ooh yes, how could I have forgotten Angel! Brooding men in general do it for me!

Azzie Mon 09-Sep-02 11:19:20

Sean Bean as Sharpe - mmmmmm

Ghosty Mon 09-Sep-02 11:20:02

MMMMMMMM....let me think ....
Tom Cruise ... yes (Jerry, Jerry, Jerry Maguire!)...
Sean Bean ... yes ...
Sean Pertwee ... wasn't he Worzel Gummidge?!
Robert Carlisle
Brad Pitt
Mel Gibson ... 'Freedom!'
Sean Connery ... soooo distinguished ...
Harrison Ford ... yum

Actually I am not that choosy! So many, drool drool ... Give me some time I am sure I can think of some more!

Willow2 Mon 09-Sep-02 12:47:18

Enid - agree with the "oh Angel" - but yes, he is a bit of a bloater at the mo'. Ghosty - you're thinking of Sean Pertwee's dad - John "Dr Who" Pertwee. He was a friend of my dad's and I came downstairs one evening - while they were having a party - to find Dr Who in our kitchen. I have never been so freaked out in my life.

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Sep-02 12:52:46

OK, mine are:
Pierce Brosnan as 007
Tom Cruise in Top Gun/Mission Impossible (all that testosterone)
Never fancied Brad Pitt before but started to in Meet Joe Black where he plays Death. Terrible film but as my sister said: "if that's death, I'm looking forward to it"
Hugh Grant from B. Jones's Diary onwards
Paul McGann in Withnail when he flips his sunglasses down and drives off in the Jag
Louis Theroux (sp?)
Jeremy Paxman
Tony Blair (don't agree with him much tho)
David Beckham
Sexy doctor from Casualty with northern accent and sports car
Must stop now...

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Sep-02 12:53:20

Willow2, I can imagine!

Batters Mon 09-Sep-02 12:58:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fionn Mon 09-Sep-02 13:08:27

You mean you were discussing hunks on the MMR thread too...and I thought it was just the lechherous lot on my attempt at discussing cinema on the films thread! Mine are:

Ewan McGregor
Clive Owen
Ralph and Joseph Fiennes
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Pertwee
Neil Pearson (though he's a bit short)
Montgomery Clift
Paul Newman when young
Damon Albarn

WWW Funny you should mention Paxo - never fancied him before seeing the doc on University Challenge and then realised how sexy he is

Better stop there for now...

Joe1 Mon 09-Sep-02 13:31:04

I thought I was the only one that liked Sean Bean in Sharpe, when is that coming back for repeats then? Yep Sean Connery. Cant stand anybody like Tom Cruise, much to small.

Enid the way you have been this prenancy I thought you would have had the longest list

musica Mon 09-Sep-02 13:33:53

Here are mine - to the terrible jealousy of dh...

NUMBER 1 - has to be Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in Lord of the Rings) - not only an actor, but poet, painter - has deliberately avoided fame...too good to be true.

2 - Colin Firth (the one and only Mr Darcy).

Enid Mon 09-Sep-02 13:38:22

Joe1, its too embarrassing to make a list, it would make me look like a slut . It could be literally anyone male...but I've calmed down a bit in the last couple of weeks, thank god.

Oooh, I forgot Theirry Henri in that advert...

Willow2 Mon 09-Sep-02 13:40:43

Enid - if I've told you once I've told you a million times, he's mine.

Willow2 Mon 09-Sep-02 13:41:27

God forbid that dh sees last post - it will blow my serious football fan cover straight out the window.

Joe1 Mon 09-Sep-02 13:45:07

Oh no I could never like a footballer

Enid Mon 09-Sep-02 13:46:23

But Joe1, think of those thighs! And that ball control

Joe1 Mon 09-Sep-02 13:47:39

No sorry makes no difference, too girlie for me, now rugby players are a different story. Cant name any as havnt watched any for ages.

Fionn Mon 09-Sep-02 13:49:45

That reminds me...David Ginola

ks Mon 09-Sep-02 14:02:15

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 09-Sep-02 14:03:03

Message withdrawn

Mopsy Mon 09-Sep-02 14:13:28

WWW am intrigued by choice of Tony Blair (only because I've not come across *anyone* before who finds him remotely attractive!) Love to know specifically what you like about him.

My list (well, top 5):

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
David Bowie
Sean Bean
Antonio Banderas
Tall blond doc from Holby City

Does anyone's dh or dp look like anyone famous? Mine was recently approached by a very pi**ed man in a pub who shouted "Oi! You cook don't you!"...thought dp was the aforementioned Hugh F-W (who I've had many a kitchen table fantasy about!)

slug Mon 09-Sep-02 14:27:54

A friend of mine shagged Hugh F/W, not worth it apparantly.

Lucy123 Mon 09-Sep-02 14:28:29

www - also shocked by the choice of Tony Blair (agree on Northern Casualty doctor though - shame he's left). Louis Theroux is cute, not sure about sexy though.

And why hasn't anyone mentioned John Cussack?
also agree on Aragorn chappie, Paul Mcgann, Clive Owen - probably others too.

Embarassingly dp looks a little like Kevin from Corranorra (without the facial hair)

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