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good dvds to rent

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Carameli Tue 28-Sep-04 08:19:01

I am renting dvds quite a bit as my dh is working away. I get some great free trial deals so at the moment never pay:-) just type free dvd trial into a search engine and there are loads.

But I am running out of ideas to put on my list so need help.

Do you have any good films that you would recommend renting. Not really into horror or mega action type movies. But anything drama, comedy, chick flick whatever....

Need some ideas, thanks.

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:22:46

i'm after the same thing. in particular, i'd be really grateful for recommendations of films that got small cinema releases, but good reviews. stuff you're glad you didn't miss, but nearly did.
so i suppose these are the sort of films i'm desperate to be reminded about: roger dodger, shattered glass, you see i've run out already

spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:23:25

I enjoyed The Cooler

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:24:40

the life of david gale is a brilliant, its a drama, you must see it

GeorginaAdventCalendar Fri 10-Dec-04 15:24:46

I tend to watch series (note: only list the next DVD of the box set in the wish list so you don't get them sent out of order!!!) with my subscription - currently watching Alias!

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:25:41

the bourne identity and the bourne supremacy are both good

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:27:11

if you want a comedy, shaun of the dead is funny, its a spoof on horror films, its british, really funny

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:27:39

i like films, can you tell?

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:28:07

ooh yes, this is the sort of thing. will check if bourne supremacy is on dvd yet, i thought it wasn't.

the cooler is already on our list, SM

loved shaun of the dead


spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:28:40

bill bailey's show Part Troll is out on dvd now

5goldendillydallys Fri 10-Dec-04 15:29:12

Was King Arthur any good by the way?
I have bought it for little sis as it as Clive Owen and Ioan gruffyd doesn't it?

MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 15:29:14

Lantana (Barbara Hershey, Anthony LaPaglia, Geoffrey Rush), is BRILLIANT. Best film I have seen in ages.
In the Bedroom, with Sissy Spacek, Tom Wilkinson, Marisa Tomei - also very good.
Will have a think and come back with some more ideas.

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:31:31

MNP.. i've seen them both. want more, exactly on those lines

spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:32:09

I love Geoffrey Rush, must see that one

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:32:44

Bourne Supremacy out in jan btw

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:33:26

lost in translation

runaway jury

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:34:49

runaway jury, is that with john cusack?

MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 15:36:18

Ha, right, bakedpotato!
You might enjoy Far from Heaven, I was a bit disappointed. I kept wanting them to turn some bl**dy lights on! I like to be able to see Dennis Quaid

Presume you've seen The Ice Storm, then? And how about The Wonder Boys, the only film with Michael Douglas in it I've ever liked!

spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:37:32

I was disappointed by Far From Heaven as well actually. Think my expectations were too high.

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:38:08

think its john cusack, yes

bakedpotatohoho Fri 10-Dec-04 15:38:39

MNP: you didn't like Falling Down?

far from heaven made me laugh at inappopriate moments i'm afraid...

GlitterGrommit Fri 10-Dec-04 15:39:48

anyone seen "in Search of Santa" as advertised on this site? Thought of buying for dd...

PamiNativity Fri 10-Dec-04 15:40:41

How about foreign films such as Delicatessen (dark comedy) or Tampopo (clever foodie film)?

MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 15:42:28

I know, spacemonkey. I felt so let down by it, actually. Perhaps because I love a good "real" Douglas Sirk...

Can recommend all of Whit Stillman's films if they are available to rent: Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco.

Foreign language: Goodbye Lenin is on my hit-list, haven't seen it yet.

PamiNativity Fri 10-Dec-04 15:43:31

MNP - Goodbye Lenin is on Sky at the mo and we've recorded it on our Sky + - just waiting for a good time to watch it...will report back.

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