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odeon newbies - am so cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tigger15 Tue 31-Jul-07 13:19:05

I saw the odeon newbies thing and thought it sounded brilliant. I've been waiting and waiting and finally harry potter has come on at my odeon. So I walked 20 mins there had got ds (5 1/2 months) in the pram fast asleep guaranteed for a nice 2 hour nap (he won't sleep more than 15 mins in the buggy and that's after walking for 1hr 1/2) so I could watch at least half the film in peace.

Get there (20 mins walk), buy ticket, check I can take the pram in. Go to the main bit and discover that it's one of the upstairs screens. Bit silly in my view as out of 8 screens only 2 are upstairs. So I ask the lone attendant how to take the pram upstairs. He says - you can't you have to leave it down here. I say - I was told I could and anyway the baby's asleep in it. He says you can't see the film then.

Yes they gave me a refund but I really wanted to see the film and had a 40min round walk to discover I couldn't see it (and if i'd called up i'd still have had the walk as the box office guy told me it was fine). Am so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any advice on how to see the film other than trying to get a babysitter in the evening?

Twinkie1 Tue 31-Jul-07 13:22:36

Bluewater cinema used to do a screening on every other tuesday where you could take your pram in and let your toddler run around an create havoc. You could check what cinema they have there and see if there is one near you that do the same - hope it not odeon though.

Try phoning their head office and the mamager at the conema and kicking up a right royal stink - maybe that they just have no common sense when arranging stuff like this.

MyEye Tue 31-Jul-07 13:26:14

email Odeon HQ and tell them your experience.
you could always include a link to this thread. I would.

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