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What is your favourite slushy ending to a film?

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ELF1981 Tue 26-Jun-07 20:30:00

Mine has to be The Story of Us with Michelle Pfieffer and Bruce Willis. I start getting all tight in the throat when he knocks on her door to say he saw himself through her eyes, and sob my heart out when she does her heart wrenching speech at the end.


southeastastra Tue 26-Jun-07 20:31:03

haven't seen that but i liked the ending to die hard last night

KerryMum Tue 26-Jun-07 20:32:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Macdog Tue 26-Jun-07 20:33:36

Bed of Roses

Cry like a little girl

ELF1981 Tue 26-Jun-07 20:35:37

The Story of Us is amazing, it's about a couple who have been married for 15 years and decide to separate while the kids are at summer camp, and see whether they want to stay together or apart. It goes right to the moment when they're picking the kids up and going to tell them... I cry every time.

Was searching for the film name to ensure I spelt "Pfieffer" right, and have just found the speech!!

Rachmumoftwo Tue 26-Jun-07 20:36:41

I know it's sad and not very intellectual, but I love Pretty Woman!

ELF1981 Tue 26-Jun-07 20:39:48

I also love the ending to Never Been Kissed, sigh!

tribpot Tue 26-Jun-07 20:42:38

Sense and Sensibility. Emma Thompson has just been told by the servant that "Mr Ferrars" (aka Hugh Grant) has married the appalling Lucy Steele. Mr Ferrars rocks up and makes a complete arse of himself, cue everyone else scurrying out of the room whilst he attempts to explain that it is his brother who has married the appalling one.

Emma says .. "then - you are not married?" and he says no and she just bursts into tears. Quality material.

BigGitDad Tue 26-Jun-07 20:43:43

Not slushy but the end to 'Some like it hot' is the best ever where the old guy tells Jack Lemmon on realising he is a man in drag, 'well nobody's perfect!'

AbRoller Tue 26-Jun-07 20:43:51

Free Willy

no, I jest - it's Beaches or Stella, both with Bette Midler(sp?)

pollywollydoodle Tue 26-Jun-07 20:46:17

not a film but i bucketed at the end of the office when Dawn and Tim got together! (Ooops i can feel my grin getting all lopsided again)

ELF1981 Tue 26-Jun-07 20:51:22

If we're talking TV series, I sob like a baby on the 2nd to last episode of Sex and the City when Marinda leans over to Big and says "go get our girl back".
Sob like a baby and DH pees himself laughing!

Ooooh, I love Sense and Sensibility, and also the end of Emma - fab!

tribpot Tue 26-Jun-07 20:53:53

Ooh, love "go get our girl back" - quality TV moment!

Macdog Tue 26-Jun-07 20:56:44

I'd forgotten that SATC moment

Am welling up at the memory.....

KerryMum Tue 26-Jun-07 21:17:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yorkshirepudding Tue 26-Jun-07 21:22:40

Message withdrawn

DrNortherner Tue 26-Jun-07 21:24:17

I love Mr Hollands OPus where he sings with his orchestra and does sign language to his son. 'Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Cole'

Makes me sob everytime.

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