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booame321 Wed 12-Dec-18 21:38:09

This was a fantastic movie, not usually a big fan of DC stuff but this one really surprised me.

And Jason Momoa, oh my..

Vitalogy Wed 12-Dec-18 22:09:16

Oh my indeed. Looks good. I will have to take a look. Trailer:

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Sat 15-Dec-18 22:06:21

So bad it was almost brilliant. The acting is amazingly hammy, some of the CGI is very dodgy. Amber Heard starts as "Exposition Girl", Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe must have just been thinking of the pay checks.

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Sat 15-Dec-18 22:07:30

stars not starts!

Dee03 Sun 16-Dec-18 19:02:02

Saw this today....loved it

Noeuf Sun 23-Dec-18 21:49:13

Agree with Loki this was dreadful. So camp, so hammy, so boring. Not sure it was even so bad it's good

JourneyToThePlacentaOfTheEarth Sun 23-Dec-18 21:54:46

Really enjoyed it. Great fun but the baddie didn't move me the way Thor's brother does smile

I really enjoyed it but it was definitely and deliberately (imo) cheesy. grin

Hoppinggreen Sun 23-Dec-18 22:00:08

Acting not great, dialogue bad, Nicole Kidman’s Face doesn’t move
BUT we loved it

BonfiresOfInsanity Tue 08-Jan-19 16:40:48

Awful film! So bad it was funny. Love Marvel stuff generally but DC do seem to keep getting it wrong.

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Tue 08-Jan-19 16:42:25

I was too busy watching Jason mamoa to notice anything-he is so delicious!

DogMamma Tue 08-Jan-19 16:47:29

We love superhero movies in our house. Dc or marvel....big fans!
I can't wait to see aquaman, not because I give a shit about the story but because well look at him phhwoor, he is not typically what I usually find visually appealing..... but him! Mmm mmm mmm

AdamNichol Wed 09-Jan-19 13:54:15

SIL and family saw it. Said don't bother, and they have more appreciation for marvel/dc stuff than I do.

Dowser Thu 10-Jan-19 09:29:28

Was rather underwhelmed

Lorie523 Fri 08-Feb-19 08:56:55

I watched this movie. The plot is ordinary, nothing special. That's what pleased, this is a game of actors and special effects, they were on top!

RomanSnic Sun 24-Feb-19 23:41:56

amazing film!

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