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Just got Netflix - recommend me some films please

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Frosty66611 Mon 10-Dec-18 13:25:00

I know I’m very late to the party but I’ve just signed up to Netflix as I’m currently feeling very sorry for myself with a bad throat infection and a heavy painful period and thought i’d treat myself to a rare day on the sofa.

Please recommend me some of your favourite films on there.

My top genres are:
Disaster movies (Day After Tomorrow type stuff)
Romantic comedy

Thank you

CuriousMama Mon 10-Dec-18 13:27:37

The fundamentals of caring

florentina1 Mon 10-Dec-18 13:32:06

Nothing to Hide is great. At a dinner party people decide to unlock and answer their phones so that all can hear. Each call is more explosive than the previous and secrets come out.

Darkbaptism Mon 10-Dec-18 13:38:04

Then haunting of Hill house is a great series.

GetSchwifty Mon 10-Dec-18 13:40:51


FranKatzenjammer Mon 10-Dec-18 13:46:10

Yes, Cargo is brilliant. Also Hush.

FranKatzenjammer Mon 10-Dec-18 13:47:39

The Road is another one you might like, if you haven't already seen it.

Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 10-Dec-18 13:51:03

Limitless is great

Whoseranium Mon 10-Dec-18 13:52:34

Annihilation is absolutely brilliant.

The Babysitter is a lot of fun.

I've not watched them yet but Gerald's Game and 1922 are both supposed to be really good.

AppleJuiceFlood Mon 10-Dec-18 13:53:39

Not a movie but a series or two...

The sinner

HappyPunky Mon 10-Dec-18 13:57:23

It's not a film but you might like Stranger Things.

Also Crazy Ex Girlfriend is very good I'm binging that at the moment but it's very long.

Also try Inside number 9 it's made by two of the league of gentlemen.

You might like Black Mirror too, that's Charlie Brooker, both of them are quite short per series.

I don't watch many films because there are so many excellent series on there.

AppleJuiceFlood Mon 10-Dec-18 14:00:46

I would second Black mirror too actually.
Very dark and clever.

driggle Mon 10-Dec-18 14:00:56

Based on your interest in horror I'd go for

Cabin in the Woods
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
From Dusk til Dawn
American Psycho
The Collector
The Wailing (Korean thriller)
Office (Korean horror)

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Mon 10-Dec-18 14:04:36

Yes to Mind Hunter, Dale and tucker v evil, Stranger things and Black Mirror.

I'd also add in The Autopsy of Jane Doe and American horror story.

Eenymeeny123 Mon 10-Dec-18 14:12:19

I'm a bit late to the party too, so also following this thread for the replies. I enjoyed the good girls, the alienst, the haunting at hill house and the mist, Safe and travellers. I found mind hunter good but a bit slow. I haven't watched many movies on it.

oldmum22 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:17:38

On recommendation from florentina1, we watched Nothing to hide and it was extremely good. THANK YOU

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Fri 04-Jan-19 18:37:43

Ooooh just watched Nothing to Hide too. It was very good albeit a bit depressing. I mean all that money and no happiness.

TanteRose Fri 04-Jan-19 18:39:41

Calibre is really really good - I can't recommend it highly enough. And it fits your criteria very well smile

Tiredemma Fri 04-Jan-19 18:42:21

The Last Kingdom

Xiaoxiong Fri 04-Jan-19 18:54:42

The chilling adventures of Sabrina or whatever it's called is surprisingly horror movie-esque considering it's about a teenage witch. Very easy watching grin

Ffsnosexallowed Fri 04-Jan-19 18:57:42


IfyouseeRitaMoreno Fri 04-Jan-19 20:19:39

Oh bloody hell, also just watched The Fundamentals of Caring. 20 minutes in and I was crying like a baby!

Thanks for the recommendations. I’m lying here sick and am bored out of my mind!

LikeSilver Fri 04-Jan-19 20:24:01


Hezz Fri 04-Jan-19 20:31:21

The road

PippaParty Fri 04-Jan-19 20:33:22

Big Little Lies. If nothing else the theme tune is gorgeous.

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