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London Road

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moviepost Fri 07-Dec-18 06:21:59

London Road is a musical drama that documents the events of 2006, when the quiet rural town of Ipswich was shattered by the discovery of the bodies of five women. The residents of London Road had struggled for years with frequent soliciting and kerb-crawling on their street. When a local resident was charged and then convicted of the murders, the community grappled with what it meant to be at the epicentre of this tragedy.

Starring : Olivia Colman as Julie, Clare Burt as Sue, Rosalie Craig as Kelly McCormack, Anita Dobson as June, and Hal Fowler asasDavid Crabtree.

The actors shows a really good work for this stage especiallyHal Fowler, who's also in Solo: A Star Wars Story movie.

The musical stage has been made into a big-screen adaptation (same title) with Tom Hardy and Olivia Colman as the headline.

Urbanbeetler Fri 07-Dec-18 06:26:25

It’s a bizarre topic for a musical. I won’t be going to see it as it’s not a genre I fancy.

Etino Fri 07-Dec-18 23:28:38

It’s very good, but it came out several years ago, have you seen it recently or is it on tv?

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