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Come on! 'Fess up! What movies do you secretly love?

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PersonalClown Sat 23-Jun-07 20:26:41

You know the ones.
Tacky rom-com or teen movies, low budget B movies, whatever.
I'll start...
I'm PersonalClown and I love The Princess Diaries. 1 & 2.

Anyone brave enough to admit their embarrassing favourites?

McDreamy Sat 23-Jun-07 20:28:34

The Sound of Music is my all time fav - still cry when he sings Eidlweiss!!

Grease is fab, as is Officer and a Gentleman, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing - tacky enough?

Scootergrrrl Sat 23-Jun-07 20:29:09

Legally Blonde

sep1712 Sat 23-Jun-07 20:29:21

Dirty dancing, Know every word!

Scootergrrrl Sat 23-Jun-07 20:30:04

"I carried a watermelon".....

MaureenMLove Sat 23-Jun-07 20:32:29

Nobody puts baby in the corner!
I know every word to Top Gun!

PersonalClown Sat 23-Jun-07 20:33:06

McDreamy, they don't count. They are classics IMO.
Dirty Dancing? Tacky? Never.
Now, had you said Dirty Dancing 2?

LucyJones Sat 23-Jun-07 20:33:07

I love Notting Hill

McDreamy Sat 23-Jun-07 20:35:15

oh ok..let me think of some more then

Flamesparrow Sat 23-Jun-07 20:37:35

10 things I hate about you

LazyLine Sat 23-Jun-07 20:38:26


sep1712 Sat 23-Jun-07 20:38:58

dirty dancing 2 = worse film ever! but they were never going to make a film and good a the first every again, I would love to be baby!
"Lets cha cha"

McDreamy Sat 23-Jun-07 20:39:49

Ok got one - Sweet Home Alabama

PersonalClown Sat 23-Jun-07 20:40:01

Flame's got the right idea.
I love 10 things too although it may have something to do with Heath Ledger.

saltire Sat 23-Jun-07 20:41:14

St Elmo's Fire
The breakfast club
Pretty In Pink

policywonk Sat 23-Jun-07 20:41:38

I love the Polar Express. I'm a bit disappointed that DS1 no longer wants to watch it four times a day.

McDreamy Sat 23-Jun-07 20:42:22

Ferris Bueillers Day Off

DaddyJ Sat 23-Jun-07 20:42:45

Strictly Ballroom!
Must have watched this 136 times...
it's so bad it's unbelievably good.

BBBee Sat 23-Jun-07 20:43:17

wizard of oz

Flamesparrow Sat 23-Jun-07 20:43:24

Oh yes, Heath Ledger does give it an edge

Also Loser & The Wedding Singer

Flamesparrow Sat 23-Jun-07 20:43:38

Coyote Ugly too

Pan Sat 23-Jun-07 20:50:01


Happy to watch it sans dd.

tegan Sat 23-Jun-07 20:50:01

I have a few fight club, coyote ugly, the goonies and seven brides for seven brothers.

All very different I know.

tegan Sat 23-Jun-07 20:51:09

oh nd I forgot the lost boys - what a classic

TheArmadillo Sat 23-Jun-07 20:51:12

gregory's girl

10 things I hate about you.

And old musicals.

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