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What was this film?

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rolypolydoll Sat 17-Nov-18 11:03:32

I'm trying to remember the name of a film I watched as a child, guessing around 1990. It might have been called paper something? It was about a girl who ended up in a house that she had drawn with pencil, like in a nightmare. I have a sense of it being really creepy but I don't think it was supposed to be a horror. Can anyone help?

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eloliphant Sat 17-Nov-18 11:04:35


rolypolydoll Sat 17-Nov-18 11:05:38

Haha yes that was it- surprisingly easy to crack!! Thank you

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Steala Sat 17-Nov-18 13:03:10

That might be the most terrifying film I have ever seen.

holasoydora Sun 18-Nov-18 19:27:58

I was just about to say that reminds me of the plot of the boom Marianne Dreams. Then I googled and, it’s based on Marianne Dreams! Which properly freaked me out (even as an adult). I’ll put the film on my list for when DD is older.

holasoydora Sun 18-Nov-18 19:28:14

Book, not boom!

FrankieChips Fri 23-Nov-18 13:49:16

It was scary! The bit with the dad when he appears in the dream shat me up!

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