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French and German film recommendations?

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littlemisscomper Thu 15-Nov-18 23:36:27

I'm looking to get one for my mum's stocking but I don't know what's any good. Ideally I'd like a family friendly comedy (Petit Nicolas was a huge hit!) or else a proper 5* film that has you properly gripped. If it's French it'll need English subtitles. Any recommendations?

Igneococcus Fri 16-Nov-18 06:39:32

Good bye Lenin
Run Lola Run
and not a comedy: The Lives of Others

Tokelau Fri 16-Nov-18 06:42:40

Jean de Florette

The8thMonth Fri 16-Nov-18 06:44:31

Second for Good bye Lenin.

Diorissimo1985 Fri 16-Nov-18 06:51:22

Came on here to suggest The Lives of Others - SO gripping.
Goodbye Lenin also great, as PP suggested.

It's very silly but Bienvenu Chez Les Ch'tis is good family viewing I think. Made us laugh anyway!

Xiaoxiong Fri 16-Nov-18 06:55:56

Les Visiteurs - with Jean reno
Mon oncle or Monsieur Hulot's holiday, both jaques tati
The triplets of Belleville
The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie
La cage aux folles (the French original of the birdcage)

FestiveForestieraNoel Fri 16-Nov-18 06:56:58

The Intouchables

cortex10 Fri 16-Nov-18 07:00:57

Mon Pere Ces Heros with Gérard Depardieu

Summergarden Fri 16-Nov-18 07:01:28

Untouchable (French film)

Slydiad Fri 16-Nov-18 07:02:55

Yes yes to Amelie and The Triplets of Belleville!

FestiveForestieraNoel Fri 16-Nov-18 07:04:01

Etre et avoir
The Chorus ( Les Choristers)

Not so much family films but 5 star:
Three Colours series
Au Revoir Les enfants

littlemisscomper Fri 16-Nov-18 17:45:18

Thanks everyone! I've ordered 'Untouchables'. I really hope she'll like it as she's awfully fussy. She hated 'Amelie'. I've not seen that one myself but i now it's very highly rated.

Ceebeegee Fri 16-Nov-18 21:23:11

Romantics anonymous is a fun film. It's not a family friendly film as such , but a fun romantic comedy

Ceebeegee Fri 16-Nov-18 21:23:54

Downfall is a great film but very serious

MinervaMaronne Fri 16-Nov-18 21:28:13

Loads of the above


Le Dîner des Cons. It's very funny.

MinervaMaronne Fri 16-Nov-18 21:29:14

Les Bronzés Font du Ski. Not the other Bronzé films though.

notacooldad Fri 16-Nov-18 21:29:27

OP I hope it is the Intouchables you have ordered and not the untouchables The later is a gangster film.
The Intouchables is brilliant.

Also have a look at the German film have a look at the 2008 film The Wave
It is based on a social experiment. Very good.

MatchsticksForMyEyesReturns Fri 16-Nov-18 21:32:06

Les Choristes, Les Intouchables, Ascension, La Famille Bélier, Le Petit Nicolas, Belle et Sébastien 1 and 2, Huit Femmes, Swimming Pool, La Vie En Rose.

Howlongtillbedtime Fri 16-Nov-18 21:33:45

I love Delicatessen
Man bites dog however is not quite so charming

notacooldad Fri 16-Nov-18 21:42:20

Came on here to suggest The Lives of Others - SO gripping
Same!! Dp and I went to the cinema to see this and enjoyed it.

littlemisscomper Fri 16-Nov-18 22:03:07

@notacooldad This one, about the unlikely carer! That's what you had in ind right?

littlemisscomper Fri 16-Nov-18 22:09:47


Downfall is fantastic! Probably the best acting I've ever seen from the man playing Hitler. I still feel pretty traumatised from the scene when Goebbels' children are killed though, so I know it wouldn't be suitable for my mum.

She didn't like Belle et Sébastien, Petit Nicholas 2 or Etre Et Avoir. She really is impossible to please!

notacooldad Fri 16-Nov-18 22:10:17

That's the one! I love it.
Incidentally on my flight to Australia last year I watched a Bollywood remake of it. That was really good as well!

Thomasinaa Fri 16-Nov-18 22:11:00

The. Tunnel. Gripping.

eggofmantumbi Fri 16-Nov-18 22:12:28

Samba and tell no one are both good

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