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Crimes of Grindelwald

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xsquared Fri 09-Nov-18 21:15:17

Booked tickets to go next week. Can't wait!

When Callum Turner had only just started his career, I used to think he reminded me of Eddie Redmayne with his bone structure and lips. So casting him as his sibling seemed fitting, even though he's younger than him.

Mhw02 Mon 12-Nov-18 19:15:06

I am going on Wednesday night to a double bill screening of both films. Really looking forward to it!

HowOftenDoYouClean Wed 14-Nov-18 22:47:00

Just seen it WOW!

Dowser Fri 16-Nov-18 22:13:10

Huge pile of tosh.
Two hours I’ll never get back.

oooompa Fri 16-Nov-18 22:24:50

Just got back from the cinema, I don't think it had the heart of the first film.

It was way too dark (that baby at the beginning shock) with too many different storylines, introducing too many characters and their backgrounds.

I would have liked to have seen more focus on the relationship between Grindlewald and Dumbledore but I suppose we'll get that in film 3.

Calzone Fri 16-Nov-18 23:30:52

Absolute shite.

They could have added the entire cast of the muppets show and no one would have batted an eyelid.

PrivateParkin Fri 16-Nov-18 23:39:45

Is it darker/scarier than the first one?

Gellert Sat 17-Nov-18 00:21:57

Brilliant, loved it and sets up film 3 perfectly 🙂

megletthesecond Sat 17-Nov-18 00:25:17

I'm going to see it tomorrow. The kids really wanted to go.
Not looking forward to it tbh. After "you know who" ruined the end of the first film I lost interest.

NewtScamandersNaughtyNiffler Sat 17-Nov-18 00:28:23

I loved it! I think it's my favourite Wizarding World movie of them all. I'm going again next week grin

megletthesecond Sat 17-Nov-18 17:16:39

It's ok.
I'm not that obsessive about HP and have zero ability to follow stories but parts of it were good.
Like Jude Law as the young Dumbledore.
Newt and Thesus had a Sherlock / Mycroft thing.
Zoe Kravitz's cheekbones and British accent 👍.
Loved the short Nicholas Flamel part.
Still don't like Depp ruining it.
Top tortured brooding from Ezra Miller. Also good cheekbones.
The monster cats and Chinese Dragon were cool.

Tbh I was just happy the dc's weren't squabbling and I had a cup of tea and peanut M&M's.

RebootYourEngine Sat 17-Nov-18 17:34:12

I thought it was ok but not as good as the first film.

I hated the ending.

Beccatheboo Sat 17-Nov-18 19:01:40

Dark and deep - definitely not a film for young children - but gripping. A smattering of beasts but more about relationships and secrets. Great acting, except for the mumbling and predictably brooding Depp, who at times I struggled to understand. I’m weirdly a bit in love with Nicolas Flamel!

madeyemoodysmum Sat 17-Nov-18 21:20:04

I liked it but hope they don't put too much 2WW in the next film. That would really wind me up and I'd find it terribly disrespectful

Love the casting of the child characters. Totally believable

DesertIslandPenguin Sat 17-Nov-18 23:09:15

I found myself quite bored for some of the film. I read somewhere that they're planning five FB films, I do hope not, it doesn't feel like there's enough plot for that! Jude Law continues to delight as young!Dumbledore, though, and I could happily watch him and Newt together for hours.

Sgtmajormummy Sat 17-Nov-18 23:32:34

I’ve just come back from seeing it with DD(12) and her friend.
I was intrigued by the plot twists that could be connected to well known surnames that cropped up (Lestrange, Chang and a student called Creavey IIRC) plus another unexpected name change which would be a spoiler...

As HP fans we came out very happy. I loved the scenery (Belle Epoque Paris plus magic!) and costumes but it was too dense story-wise to watch comfortably. It’s also getting darker as PP have said. I can easily imagine three more films to bring us up to HP’s birth.

Compared to the Cursed Child tosh, this one has a life of its own.
8/10 from DD, 7.5 from me.

Lightsdown Sat 17-Nov-18 23:35:05

My DD said she felt totally conned- that it was only half a movie. They had very expensive 3d plus effects tickets too.

NoSquirrels Sat 17-Nov-18 23:35:56

Meh. Loved the first one, but this I w was not great.

Whoever said it “sets up the third film perfectly” was right - trouble is, it forgot to be a good film itself on the way. Too much “series plotting”, too little attention to what made FB1 a lovely surprise. Shame.

colouringinpro Sat 17-Nov-18 23:36:07

Hmmm. Saw it tonight. Was really excited before but to be honest for me it fell flat. It had much less heart, and there were elements where that would have been an option, but not taken. Clever story but for me, cold.

NoSquirrels Sat 17-Nov-18 23:38:24

Took the DC - 7 year old summed it up with “It was OK but not the best”. 9 year olds verdict was “It made no sense when they forgot to explain things like Credence still being alive” ... couldn’t disagree with either of them!

itsjustmebeingme Sat 17-Nov-18 23:40:07

Just got back from watching it.....I loved the first one but this was very poor. Totally lacking in story, nothing really happened. I’m a bit grumpy now!

colouringinpro Sat 17-Nov-18 23:40:55

Yes Credence being alive still was v convenient!

DesertIslandPenguin Sun 18-Nov-18 11:44:14

How on Earth was Minerva in it, though? She wasn't born at that point!

IceRebel Sun 18-Nov-18 12:20:06

Good question DesertIsland lazy writing there, and I would love to see their explanation.

Dowser Sun 18-Nov-18 12:48:52

Eddie Redmayne got on my nerves.

He seems to have one expression that carries him along from Stephen Hawkins, to danish girl and now this

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