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The old man and the gun

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HowOftenDoYouClean Mon 05-Nov-18 22:02:57

Just seen at screen unseen. A real old school classic film. Cheesey romance lines. A film i feel my dad would like.

Vitalogy Tue 06-Nov-18 04:39:29

I've just watched the trailer, I can see what you mean about the cheesey, but I'd watch it. Nice to see Sissy Spacek again, not seen her in anything for a long time.

HowOftenDoYouClean Tue 06-Nov-18 19:42:12

Yeah not my particular taste but im glad ive seen it and i think thats part of the appeal of screen unseen, which is actually quite cheap £5.75. Also was good to be able to see a Robert Redford film in the cinema.

Vitalogy Wed 07-Nov-18 00:20:55

I've not heard of the screen unseen before. I bet they have some good stuff on. And like you say the price is good. Our local Showcase charge around £8 for the matinee even.

Lol, I've just looked up screen unseen, I thought it was going to be independent films and the likes, so you don't know the film until you get there, still, I'd give it a go. I've been on a coach mystery tour before and that turned out fine grin

FullMetalRabbit Wed 07-Nov-18 06:27:25

At cineworld they do mystery/secret screenings but you have to be a member. But considering their tickets are about 11 quid a time and their monthly fee is £17.90 we pay that and see everything and anything - will add that one to list

HowOftenDoYouClean Wed 07-Nov-18 16:01:55

The 3 that ive gone to have been american animals, a simple favour and the old man and the gun. A simple favour i thought was really good, american animals i cant comment on as through the important parts just felt they were stupid and the old man and the gun not my cup of tea but im glad i saw it.

I quite like it as its a mystery, they give you clues online to what the film is and the not knowing adds to the experience. Im a limitless member so i've already paid but £5.75 seems a good deal considering when i book i see they are like £11-15 a ticket.

FullMetalRabbit Wed 07-Nov-18 16:30:44

we loved a simple favour - the last secret screening was "the hate u give" and before that "incredibles 2" - they don't give any clues so I always say to my partner, if it's a horror I'm getting up and walking out grin

HowOftenDoYouClean Wed 07-Nov-18 16:51:45

Haha odeon say it wont be horror as they do a "scream unseen" version although ive been going a few months and not seen one advertised, a shame as was expecting it for Halloween. The clues arent too helpful for most as they are fairly mundane but if you do some sleuthing you can narrow it down a lot.

Vitalogy Wed 07-Nov-18 17:55:42

A Simple Favour:

The Hate You Give:

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Fri 16-Nov-18 23:37:03

I rather liked it, classic Sunday matinee film.

BigGreenOlives Tue 11-Dec-18 07:04:28

Went to see this last night. I dozed off a few times. I’ve friends who’ve been held up by armed robbers at work and were understandably very frightened, I couldn’t help think of them.

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