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Bohemian Rhapsody

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negunslean Wed 24-Oct-18 19:58:08

Such a spell binding film. First film I’ve been to in ages where the audience still remained seated until the very end of the credits. Casting was amazing, cinema was full and everyone was commenting on how great it was. Thoroughly recommend it!

sm40 Fri 26-Oct-18 23:35:23

I've just seen it! Great film. Very dubious after reviews but ignore them. Remember the greatest showman got rubbish reviews too!

LoafEater Fri 26-Oct-18 23:55:07

I loved it. We opened a bottle of wine and danced around the living room to Queen when we got home.

I think it’s a really beautiful film and I couldn’t believe the reviews - miserable bloody sods! The reviews for Greatest Showman were terrible too and that’s been one of the highest grossing films of all times. I think reviewers don’t like to be happy.

My 14 year old went with us and went again last night with his mates.

SeaViewBliss Fri 26-Oct-18 23:59:30

Just got home after seeing it.

It’s so good! Very moving and funny. Superbly cast.

I love Rami Malek!

EllenJanesthickerknickers Sat 27-Oct-18 00:00:17

I loved it. Brilliant casting choices and Rami Malek got his stage persona perfectly. I know there was less debauchery than in reality but I'm not a voyeur and it showed me the Freddie I remembered.

Was it just me? I was 20 in 1985 and didn't consider myself naive, but his sexuality just didn't impinge into my consciousness until much later. Despite the leather and moustache etc. blush

choirmumoftwo Sat 27-Oct-18 00:10:46

Just got home from seeing it with DH and we both loved it. I've had a look at some of the reviews and I think they were watching a different film to the one I saw. It's as though they wanted it to be some kind of campaign movie, rather than a biopic. I thought it was great.

Pinkprincess1978 Sat 27-Oct-18 10:47:18

We are off to see it today. I can't wait

PurpleNailVarnish Sat 27-Oct-18 11:01:23

That's what DD2 (20) said @choirmumoftwo, that she would have liked to know more about FM's AIDS treatment and how difficult it was for people with HIV/AIDS in the 80s. I said there are films that deal with those subjects, notably Philadelphia and Dallas Buyers Club.

For me Bohemian Rhapsody was a film about Queen the band and it told that story brilliantly.

choirmumoftwo Sat 27-Oct-18 11:06:49

I think given how private he was about it in life, it's unnecessary to pick over the fine detail in the film. I wonder if it's a generational thing?

Lightsdown Sat 27-Oct-18 16:31:07

Both me and DD who is 12 loved it. We cried and smiled. Sod the reviews!

LadyLannister Sat 27-Oct-18 17:45:04

Saw this today and thought it was fantastic, I can’t understand the poor reviews at all. It was very well cast. Rami Malek was amazing and I can’t believe how much the man who plays Brian May actually looks like Brian May.

Hubblebubble64 Sat 27-Oct-18 18:43:06

Loved this film, high feel good factor.

BigRedBoat Sat 27-Oct-18 18:48:35

Definitely worth seeing at the cinema for the the loudness of all the songs, I really liked it, it's a shame the reviews have been so bad, don't let it put you off!

sunglasses123 Sat 27-Oct-18 19:00:19

Ditto. I loved it and I don’t like Queen music!!

MirandaWest Sat 27-Oct-18 19:01:01

DH and I are going this evening smile

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Sat 27-Oct-18 19:04:31

I can’t believe how much the man who plays Brian May actually looks like Brian May

And sounds like him.

Oldowl Sat 27-Oct-18 19:08:50

I have just read some reviews. They got it so wrong... "If you want to be bored or irritated for an hour before hearing so great music, this is the film for you. 2 Stars out of 5."

I was not bored for one minute. The whole film had me captivated from beginning to end. I even sat through the credits.

Freddie was very private about his battle with Aids, only announcing it the day before he passed away. The film did this justice too, IMO, by keeping this decline and pain private; focusing on the band, the love of his life and music.

HatofCromwell Sat 27-Oct-18 19:20:21

Yes, agree very enjoyable (albeit 15 minutes too long). Rami Malek was excellent, such a difficult thing to do. And both John and Brian were uncanny. Gwilym Lee had the look, voice and mannerisms of Brian. Yes it wasn't warts and all but it didn't pretend there were no drugs or sex. It was a tribute, and one my not yet 12 year old enjoyed too.

AnotherMum76 Sat 27-Oct-18 19:25:59

Saw it Thursday and thought it was great. It's a tribute to Freddie and the band, not a documentary about the ins and outs of their lives.

Don't take any notice of the reviews, just go and see it 

Fantastiqueangel Sat 27-Oct-18 19:29:24

I don't think film critics get it right very often. I think they forget that people mainly want to be entertained or moved or scared rather than blinded by cleverness.

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Sat 27-Oct-18 19:31:44

And let's not forget critics have never 'got' queen, they had bad reviews for all their early albums.
It goes hand in hand I guess.

Aaaahfuck Sat 27-Oct-18 19:42:58

Lived it! Rami Malik did an amazing job as freddie. I think critics are always sniffy about this type of thing.

mama1980 Sat 27-Oct-18 19:46:44

I loved it, totally agree I didn't want a in-depth warts and all film dealing with heavy issues such as the AIDS crisis
Freddie Mercury was famously private and that should be and was respected. I read an interview with Brian May where he was asked about whether or not the film was going to 'expose' any of Mercury's secrets and he replied that some things aren't for sale. I love that, so rare today when everyone seems so keen to tell the world everything.
This was about queen, about the music and I just really enjoyed it. 

Brainwashed Sat 27-Oct-18 20:00:16

So glad mumsnet loved it...I was bemused by the reviews. I read one that said it was homophobic confused

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Sat 27-Oct-18 20:03:58

It wasn't a review but I read a YouTube comment when the trailer was first released complaining that Rami Malik wasn't white....

rookiemere Sat 27-Oct-18 22:23:20

I loved it so much that I was desperate to go to the loo for most of the second half but didn't want to miss a moment.

I didn't know Mercury's background so that was interesting to learn too.

Googled the reviews and surprised by how lukewarm/ downright bad they were - I thought it was amazing.

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