Bohemian Rhapsody

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negunslean Wed 24-Oct-18 19:58:08

Such a spell binding film. First film I’ve been to in ages where the audience still remained seated until the very end of the credits. Casting was amazing, cinema was full and everyone was commenting on how great it was. Thoroughly recommend it!

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EdWinchester Wed 24-Oct-18 20:01:25

I wanted to go and see it but then I read reviews that said it wasn’t good and that put me off.

Now I want to go!

Processedpea Wed 24-Oct-18 23:41:13

It's fab lots if great outfits too quite funny and was great casting

EachandEveryone Wed 24-Oct-18 23:42:12

I can’t wait to see it but the reviews are terri me are t they?

Dhalandchips Wed 24-Oct-18 23:42:14

Loved it!! Really really loved it!

QuestionTime2018 Thu 25-Oct-18 00:15:45

It was really good; funny and utterly spellbinding at Wembley

allthegoodusernameshavegone Thu 25-Oct-18 00:19:28

It was a brilliant portrayal of a brilliant man and indeed band of superb musicians and writers, it also highlighted the evils of media attention and the hangers on that try to exploit genius. The final scenes were amazing


Crunched Thu 25-Oct-18 00:24:12

I can’t understand the poor reviews. I felt quite deflated when I read them this morning but I’m so pleased I went and saw the movie.
Really enjoyable and the casting was spot on.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 25-Oct-18 00:28:05

My mum is a HUGE Freddie / Queen fan, she was a little dubious before it started and she gave it a 9.5!! And cried. And we sat til the credits ended.

That's all the review you need!!

Catonaroof Thu 25-Oct-18 00:28:13

I adored it! Great casting and great camera work, never mind all of the brilliant and at times poignant songs.

bizzers Thu 25-Oct-18 08:03:53

I saw it last night and thought it was bloody brilliant! I completely disagree with the film critics on this one. Rami Malek was absolutely fantastic - I can see him getting loads of awards for this one.

bizzers Thu 25-Oct-18 08:04:46

Also, the cinema we went to was packed, and it was so nice seeing so many people tapping their feet and singing along smile

TubbsAndEdward Thu 25-Oct-18 08:18:19

I loved this. And was quite taken with Roger Taylor so we googled him when we got home.
Very surprised to see he was Peter in Eastenders !

AmeliaAddington Thu 25-Oct-18 10:46:04

Really great film! Highly recommend!

Processedpea Thu 25-Oct-18 17:14:04

Yes to Roger Taylor Brian May was the bloke in midsomer murders grin

negunslean Thu 25-Oct-18 18:30:44

i Must admit to have a taken a bit of a liking to ‘roger taylor’ and ‘Brian may’ and so I googled them too! They’re now my guilty pleasure 💕

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xsquared Fri 26-Oct-18 00:00:17

So, so good! It really felt like we were at a concert when their songs came on and people started tapping their feet along to it. I laughed and cried a few times.

Lucy Boynton (Mary Austin), really reminds me of a young Sadie Frost. Love her outfits in this.

Oldowl Fri 26-Oct-18 18:48:21

Amazing film. Great music, moving and funny. I hope people see it. The best thing I've seen this year.

PurpleNailVarnish Fri 26-Oct-18 22:31:02

Loved it.
The music, casting, costumes, story itself. All brilliant.

Before we went I thought the lack of reviews was odd.
I'm sure The Guardian published a 4 review early this week, then that was revised to 2 on Tuesday/Wednesday.
That aside I couldn't find many reviews before we went and the reviews I did see weren't great.

It'll be interesting to see whether it is recognised in awards season.

marmiteloversunite Fri 26-Oct-18 22:34:57

I went with my 16yr old DD. We both loved it and sang Queen songs in the car all of the way home. In the middle of the film she turned to me and whispered "I thought Jedward sang this!" Obviously I have failed in her education! 

FullMetalRabbit Fri 26-Oct-18 22:42:39

I don’t understand the reviews. Thought it was brilliant. I couldnt’ stop looking at “Brian May” the actor playing him was so like him

Furrycushion Fri 26-Oct-18 22:53:50

I've been so looking forward to this & then the review in the Times today was terrible. Can't wait to see it now.

MyNameIsAlexDrake Fri 26-Oct-18 23:19:12

Lifelong queen fan. Loved it! Casting was great and agree with the previous poster re Brian May, uncanny, even his nose was the same.

Bipbopbee Fri 26-Oct-18 23:22:16

Watched it last night with DH. Such a great film! Can’t understand the reviews at all, it was done so well. Really liked how it ended on a positive instead of Freddie’s end.

Monstersunderthebed Fri 26-Oct-18 23:25:41

This movie was bloody brilliant. Highly recommend it. Laughed and shed a tear. Great. Queen is now playing in my house non stop. Always been a fan but not been on my playlist for a while. Remembered how much I loved their music and why

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