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Halloween (1978)

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FrustratedTeddyLamp Wed 10-Oct-18 23:42:57

Just saw a special screening of this at the cinema, including a featurette about it before about how great ans beloved it was. I saw people with TV shirts of the logo on. Feel like nothing happened, no big pay off

JellyBears Mon 22-Oct-18 21:00:14

Omg it’s a legend that film! Jamie Leigh Curtis is so good! And Michael Myers is such a scary character.

Funkyslippers Tue 06-Nov-18 18:02:34

In that case you might want to watch the new Halloween film 'cos an awful lot happens! It's just one big slasher movie from start to finish

MummyAndSon17 Wed 12-Dec-18 00:18:33

I think that's more because of the time that the movie was created. Horror films weren't like how they are now. Now it's more gore and blood and knife wounds. I watched that film for the first time this year and I did kind of feel the same. But I knew it was because at that time they weren't allowed to show as much violence as they do today. still a good movie though. Really need to watch the new one

LHMB Fri 01-Mar-19 21:43:39

The remake is awful. Didn’t bother with the rest of the remakes

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