A Star is Born

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TruelyTruelyScrumptious Sun 30-Sep-18 19:17:59

Just been to a preview screening.

Very emotional film. Liked it more than I thought I would.

Is it the best film of this year as per the hype? Not for me but it is good and well taking time out to see.

Great acting from Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott.

Sadly the wooden acting of whoever played her manager really let the film down with a bizarre British accent and stilted delivery.

Bit too long.

I would recommend it - take the tissues.

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EvePolastri Sun 30-Sep-18 19:19:39

Yes me and DD enjoyed it too

A very simple storyline. But she looked so fresh and pretty in the early scenes without a scrap of makeup

I'd recommend too

Mumsnut Sun 30-Sep-18 20:38:05

Lord, Bradley Cooper is hot in it. I'd never noticed him before.

FullMetalRabbit Tue 02-Oct-18 18:09:30

going tomorrow night, looking forward to it

LoniceraJaponica Tue 02-Oct-18 18:15:35

Yet another remake?
I have seen the original and the Barbra Streisand remake. I think I might suggest it to DD.

RomanyRoots Tue 02-Oct-18 18:21:31

I'm not going as really dislike gaga, besides the original is so good, you can't beat it.
Judy Garland v gaga, no contest.
I hope others who like her enjoy the film though

RomanyRoots Tue 02-Oct-18 18:22:34

Gosh, yes I saw the BS version too, why do it again when so many great stars have done it.


FullMetalRabbit Tue 02-Oct-18 18:40:47

Judy Garland version is also a remake from the 1930s original - I think the original was that she was an actress though rather than a singer

ZanyMobster Fri 05-Oct-18 12:02:16

I saw it last night, I am going again this afternoon. Absolutely stunning film, Lady Gaga is fabulous (I am not really a fan but she's great in it), a real natural in it, they got the character just right I felt.
Bradley Cooper, well, just like Mumsnut I have never noticed him before but he is gorgeous in it. I agree the manager was an odd choice but maybe they wanted him to be unliked and you not to warm to him.

I loved their chemistry and the way they portrayed his illness. I felt drained afterwards, I have already ordered the soundtrack.

The Barbara Streisand version is lovely also but I just felt there was something special about this remake. I actually do think it is the best film i have seen all year, maybe just because I felt a lot of the emotion in it felt so real, very believable. If you liked the BS version then I would definitely recommend this.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 05-Oct-18 14:58:08

I just saw it today - thought it was great! Like I'd heard, Gaga was excellent, but Bradley Cooper was astonishing. I was really blown away by how good he was. Great direction too.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 05-Oct-18 14:58:37

Oh yeah, and I'll be belting out Shallow for a while to come!!

ZanyMobster Fri 05-Oct-18 23:28:06

Saw it for the 2nd time today, I cried all the way through, always worse when you know what's coming sad

PawneeParksDept Sat 06-Oct-18 00:34:03

It's amazing, truly. I go to the cinema a lot and someone said to me today that it was the first time in ages they'd heard me praise a film unequivocally

I was on to Bradley Cooper as a hottie eons ago when he had a small supporting role in the TV series Alias. Therefore I've already staked a claim, I thank you

He cast two of his Alias colleagues in the film which warmed my Alias fangirl heart 😍

Nettletheelf Sat 06-Oct-18 00:37:25

He was in a film about mops on Film4 last night (Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence) and I sincerely hope he looks more appealing in A Star Is Born.

elephantoverthehill Sat 06-Oct-18 00:42:44

It is the fourth remake, so I found out yesterday. www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000mm5

ZanyMobster Sat 06-Oct-18 15:12:48

Nettle - he is lovely in A Star is Born, I must say, beards are not my thing but it is the first time I have really 'noticed' him. The film has really affected me, I work within substance misuse services (and have unfortunately a lot of personal experiences) and it's really struck a chord.

BrownPaperTeddy Sat 06-Oct-18 15:17:51

I was really surprised at how good this was. GaGa was fantastic and Bradley Cooper's voice was amazing. Soundtrack is beautiful and listening to it on Spotify this morning, without the film dialogue, I realised how haunting some of the songs were.

For the first time in a long while the cinema was full and at the end everyone clapped.

ZanyMobster Sat 06-Oct-18 15:33:26

Yes I haven't heard a clap at the cinema for years but last night there was. My friend and I stayed till the end of the credits, just needed a moment to recover lol.

I loved the songs as part of the film but they really are quite special stand alone also.

FullMetalRabbit Sat 06-Oct-18 19:11:27

Saw it Wednesday- we loved it too - from start to finish

Lauren0rder Sat 06-Oct-18 21:03:00

Just come back from this with ds (16y)

It’s a truly stunning film.

Lady Gg is phenomenal and Bradley is delicious.

Really moving and I’m a complete wreck.

PositiveVibez Sat 06-Oct-18 23:05:21

Just got back from watching. Gaga's voice when it's just her and a piano is absolutely stunning. I adore her.

Bradley Cooper is multi talented. I believe he wrote some of the songs too.

He was fantastic. Can't see the 'hottie' thing at all though. He looked like my old Uncle Klaus from Germany, which is maybe why I couldn't find him attractive 🤣

Lauren0rder Sat 06-Oct-18 23:24:34

So hot

FlamingoLass Sat 06-Oct-18 23:31:49

I adore Gaga. Like worship her. But I’m not feeling Shallow.
Im surprised at how much her acting has developed, her last stint was a bit cringe being honest so hats off to her!

BrownPaperTeddy Sun 07-Oct-18 08:44:24

Gaga's voice when it's just her and a piano is absolutely stunning

I agree. I've always said that. We saw her in concert (my daughter is a huge fan) and when she sat at the piano, on her own, and just sang it was beautiful.

Rememory Sun 07-Oct-18 08:50:56

Loved it but had no clue as to what was about to happen, fought running from the cinema sobbing. Both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were amazing. The dialogue felt very natural and I wondered if they had improvised to get it to sound like that. I really believed in the characters. Loved Sam Elliott too.

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