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anyone seen 'the lives of others' German film about the Stasi??

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BishyBarneyBee Mon 11-Jun-07 13:26:17

Blardy good isn't it.

saw it last night and can't stop thinking about it. Didn;t know that much about all this stuff - is absolutely jaw dropping.

Film communicated the atmosphere and day to day life brilliantly.

BishyBarneyBee Mon 11-Jun-07 23:20:59


elkiedee Mon 11-Jun-07 23:24:00

I want to see it but it will probably be some time before I get out to the cinema, maybe on DVD...

BishyBarneyBee Mon 11-Jun-07 23:28:43

please do - it is so very very good and then I will have someone to talk to about it!!

MissTea4Me Sat 30-Jun-07 10:50:57

Me! Watched it with dh who didn't get how for some of the characters a life being banned from practising their art wasn't worth living. As a sensitive artistic type myself I found it really poignant.

*spoiler alert for those who haven't seen*

I want to watch it again as I missed the point at which the Stasi guy decided to cover for them. If this were a big Hollywood film there would be a great sign-posted turning point that made him decide but this seemed much more subtle.

I couldn't believe there was really an archive like that at the end where everyone could go and look up their records after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but my BIL has been reading a book called 'The File', about an English guy who lived there as a student and went back and looked up his file and confronted all the people who'd informed on him; he (BIL) says it really is like that, they only withold information if it's sensitive (like it was your dp or dcs informing on you). Don't know if you've given up on this thread after 3 weeks BBB, but it's by Timothy Garten Ash if you're interested in further reading.

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