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OMFG......saw a poster with a girl and an armour clad polar bear...

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Califrau Fri 01-Jun-07 18:46:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christywhisty Fri 01-Jun-07 19:34:42

Looked on IMDB and it looks like it is called the Golden Compass. But wasn't the first book called Northern Lights (amber spyglass was the third one)
If the story covers all 3 books then I know them as "His Dark materials"

LazyLine Fri 01-Jun-07 19:37:33

It's called The Golden Compass worldwide. But as christy says, it's actually Northern Lights.

Califrau Fri 01-Jun-07 19:38:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeite Fri 01-Jun-07 20:09:24

Trailer here:


Looks good and Oxford looks amazing. Wasn't at all impressed by the casting of Nicole Kidman but she actually looks pretty good in the trailer. I hope they've not made it too "American" and I realy wonder how the story is going to comethrough without reference to God - but looking forward to it all the same.

I "think" it's just the first one.

LazyLine Fri 01-Jun-07 20:18:43

It is just the first one.

Califrau Fri 01-Jun-07 20:25:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWho Sun 03-Jun-07 23:05:50

I must get round to reading them

Actually Califrau Narnia wasn't that bad.

MrsWho Sun 03-Jun-07 23:06:26

Doesn't bode well if they have changed the name though

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:08:16

The Golden Compass is what Northern Lights was called in America when it was published there.

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:09:29

I've read an interview with Philip Pullman who says he's delighted with the book and i think they're consulting him all the time for the sake of authenticity. i can't wait to see it. Daniel Craig is also in it

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 23:09:52

trailer looks good. errr ehat book, who by? worth a read?

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sun 03-Jun-07 23:10:17

Is it really not released until December. I can't wait that long.

pointydog Sun 03-Jun-07 23:14:03

amber spyglass is book 3.

golden compass US tit;e for Northern lights

pointydog Sun 03-Jun-07 23:14:14

can't wait

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:19:38

The trailer looks fantastic. I just did the daemon test and mine is a monkey named Gabriel.

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:20:29

Missdee, it's the film of the first part of His Dark Materials. Definitely worth a read.

schnapps Sun 03-Jun-07 23:21:55

The trailer looks good but on the website it says 12.7.07 and on the trailer it says it is out in cinemas in DECEMBER 07!! Which is it? I'm sick of seeing films being advertised a trillion years before they are actually out on the big screen.

alycat Sun 03-Jun-07 23:22:47

misdee - it's 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman. Book 1 - Norhter Lights, Book 2 - The Subtle Knife and 3 The Amber Spyglass.

The best childrens books I've read!

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:23:41

Americans fo the date differently
so 12/07/07 is actually December 7 2007

alycat Sun 03-Jun-07 23:23:52

Sorry thats Northern Lights,

...must use preview, must use preview...

lyrabelacqua Sun 03-Jun-07 23:24:30

Not just for children though.

pointydog Sun 03-Jun-07 23:24:47

a Christmas film then

schnapps Sun 03-Jun-07 23:29:47

Oh yeah, 12.7.07 IS december! I didn't think of that. But FGS!! Decemeber?? Why the frig does it have to be advertised HALF A YEAR before the release date???????

UnquietDad Tue 05-Jun-07 21:59:13

Niocole sodding Kidman is about as far away from my mental image of Mrs Coulter as it's possible to get without actually casting someone from an alien species.

Daniel Craig isn't how I picture Asriel at all, either, but for some reason I am more forgiving of this.

I always saw Serafina Pekkala as some elfin, pale, blonde, willowy, sharp-featured creature - an Emilia Fox type. But I'll take Eva Green on a broomstick. Ooh, yes, I will! I'll take Eva Green on anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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