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Love stories of a certain kind

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JAPAB Wed 11-Jul-18 21:14:47

Hello, asking on behalf of a female friend.

Looking for films that have people in love but who are being kept apart for some or all of it. Whether by external factors or because they just don't know how the other feels. Films with this sort of theme include:

The Adjustment Beaurau
In Your Eyes
The Time Traveller's Wife
Love, Rosie
Remains Of The Day

Does anyone know of others?

Also of interest are films featuring unrequited love.


sakura06 Mon 16-Jul-18 11:22:50

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Maybe not a love story as such, more about finding yourself, but there is a love story!

SpecialAgentNobody Mon 16-Jul-18 11:25:19

Benjamin Button

Vitalogy Mon 16-Jul-18 11:42:01

The Silence of the Sea 2004, French film, wow, what a film that is! Trouble is finding it to watch, I've only seen it on YouTube, a compilation of clips. There is virtually no two way verbal communication between the couple in it but they find a way of communicating at such a deep level. Beautiful.

Another similar is Suite Francaise 2014, very good too.

queenrollo Mon 16-Jul-18 12:00:46

The Lake House might fit the bill. It's a little bit like Time Travellers Wife in that it plays around with past/future keeping the two lovers apart.

crumpet Mon 16-Jul-18 12:05:36

Notting Hill
Pride and Prejudice

GahWhatever Mon 16-Jul-18 12:15:56

Sense and Sensibility
One of the stories in Love Actually is about a man completely in love with his best friend's fiancée/wife who never does anything about it.(though she does find out and it gets awkward).

CharDeeMacDennis Mon 16-Jul-18 12:19:41

This TV Tropes page might prove useful. Open the "films" folder at the bottom of the page.

JAPAB Tue 17-Jul-18 15:16:05

Thanks for the suggestions. And that tropes page might be useful. Thinking about it, another way to source such films might be to peruse the gay/lesbian section of Netflix. Bound to be to many films on the themes of lovers being kept apart and unrequited love.

blackbirdbluebottle Tue 17-Jul-18 15:21:23

Hunger games, there is one about two worlds rotating around each other like binary stars. Also another where one is upside down to the other (not sure if same film or not)

KellyBailey Thu 19-Jul-18 15:56:33

Forrest Gump

soloula Thu 19-Jul-18 16:40:32

Life is Beautiful
An Affair to Remember
Madame X
Doctor Zhivago

I've just realised a theme in all my favourite films...

MilesJuppIsMyBitch Thu 19-Jul-18 16:59:18


Glendee Tue 24-Jul-18 21:27:26

Ladyhawke; Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer

JAPAB Thu 26-Jul-18 22:52:23

Another example of the theme would be in Stranger Things season 2. Anyway, thanks for further suggestions.

hiacynthia Thu 26-Jul-18 22:54:25


MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood Thu 26-Jul-18 22:57:25

Dan In Real Life
The Notebook
Gone With The Wind
La La Land

hiacynthia Thu 26-Jul-18 22:59:06

Oh, and obviously Brief Encounter!

MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood Thu 26-Jul-18 23:02:07

A Very Long Engagement
Love Me If You Dare (Both French)
Sleepless In Seattle
Wuthering Heights

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