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Have joined Tesco DVD rental and need to build list of 'I wants'. What old TV shows/dramas do you recommend?

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RubyRioja Thu 24-May-07 19:08:11

I know there are a lot of threads on films to see before you die type thing, but I luuurve to watch old TV shows. Have just finished The West Wing and Murder One (love those 80s fashions).

Currently liking Greys Anatomy, NCIS, CSI etc and wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

Slubberdegullion Thu 24-May-07 19:29:27

If your into comedy I can't reccommend Seinfeld or Black Books highly enough.

I set forth to watch the TV series Fame (I absolutely adored it whan I was a kid, only to discover (to my great disappointment) that is was utterly dire. Just the worst acting I have ever seen. Good dance routines in hilarious outfits but not enough to make me want to watch epidodes 5-10 on the next DVD!!

Six Feet Under?

RubyRioja Thu 24-May-07 19:34:59

Oh, yes. I like 6 feet under when I saw one episode. Will book that. Thanks.

I do love it when you revisit something you thought was fab when a kid eg Quincy to see how truly dreadful it is!

YohoAhoy Thu 24-May-07 19:48:21

Law & Order - there are quite a few offshoots of that as well, like CSI.

We're just working through season 1 of St Elsewhere - will definitley meet the 80s fashion requirement, and quite good show too

How about Sopranos for more recent?

Also Without a Trace - again not so old, but excellent.

OR for really old, how about Rockford Files - 70s fashion - even better.

As you can probable tell, I'm a tv-show-on-DVD fan too

Carnivale. it's farking BRILLIANT.

RubyRioja Thu 24-May-07 19:56:59

Excellent <Ruby steeples fingers in Mr Burns fashion>. Lots of lovely things to book.

RubyRioja Thu 24-May-07 19:57:25

Is Millennium the thing where the guy is psychic?

Cappuccino Thu 24-May-07 19:58:56

The Closer is fantastic

Without a Trace good too but not in the same league

francagoestohollywood Thu 24-May-07 19:59:42

Second Black Books.
Have you ever heard of the gilmore girls? It's an american series, a bit too sugary, but not too bad...
On this note, I also love The Golden Girls ...

Cappuccino Thu 24-May-07 20:00:03

I have caught a couple of Ally McBeal repeats on TMF and flirted with the idea of watching that - didn't see it the first time round

but might be too irritating

francagoestohollywood Thu 24-May-07 20:00:31

Yes, the Closer, I saw only one episode and it was brilliant (see capp, we agree on this one )

nannyogg Thu 24-May-07 20:00:38

We joined the Amazon one and watched every single episode of Monarch of the Glen...

Probably not the kind of thing you're after though

yeah millenium is the one with the psychic type guy. it's kind of x-filey.

aquasea Thu 24-May-07 20:09:57

24 is addictive.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 24-May-07 20:11:07

Roots is utterly brill, if you're up for a 1970s landmark slavery drama series.

AllBuggiedOut Thu 24-May-07 20:13:09

Twin Peaks
This Life

Am envious!

southeastastra Thu 24-May-07 20:14:32

twin peaks! i loved that sooo much

Slubberdegullion Thu 24-May-07 20:15:22

oooh twin peaks, that was excellent!

<scurries of to her own wants list to request it>

Cappuccino Thu 24-May-07 20:31:31

I have not watched 24 for ages

I gave up during the second series becuse I did not like Kiefer's jacket

knew I would be stuck with it for months

should I go back and try to ignore the jacket?

ArcticRoll Thu 24-May-07 20:58:05

The Sopranos
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Homicide:Life on the Street
My So Called Life

hatrick Thu 24-May-07 20:59:01

Message withdrawn

rislip Thu 24-May-07 21:00:35

24 and The Sopranos. TV gold.

caspercat Sat 26-May-07 13:17:16

Cold Feet
Party of Five
24 definitely

Northern Exposure

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