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On Chesil Beach

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Dancergirl Sun 20-May-18 09:23:47

What a miserable depressing film! Anyone else seen it?

Dadgum1 Tue 22-May-18 19:09:40


TheFirstMrsOsmond Fri 01-Jun-18 18:52:44

Yes I've seen it. Did you go expecting to be uplifted? Have you read the novel it is based on?

Helmetbymidnight Fri 01-Jun-18 18:54:37

I’m not good by to see this grin it may look beautiful but I found the book quietly devastating.

CalmConfident Fri 01-Jun-18 18:55:43

Read book at book club a few years ago, so frustrating and sad. Made me cross. No way o would want to see the film!

Processedpea Fri 01-Jun-18 18:55:48

I read the book on holiday and left it there:D

zurichgnome Sat 02-Jun-18 10:44:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

xsquared Sun 03-Jun-18 14:51:48

May contain spoilers!

I read the book and thought it was depressing and such an anticlimax (no pun intended). A waste of however many hours I’m not going to get back. I can’t believe it’s been made to a film. There’s pretty much, zero plot or point to it.

TheFirstMrsOsmond Sun 03-Jun-18 16:53:13

Regret, missed opportunity, the importance of seeing another's point of view, how people are locked into a time/place, inexperience/immaturity, what might have been, wisdom of age that comes too late.... these are universal themes. I don't think it's true there was no point to it.

daisypond Sun 03-Jun-18 16:57:14

I loved the book. I read it when it first came out and reread it again a few months ago. I think about it quite a lot, so it's had quite an impact on me. A quiet devastation of how a life can be wasted for want It's more a poem in novella form.

EvilEdna1 Sun 03-Jun-18 16:58:06

I thought it was ok. I have read the book but I thought the ending of the film was over wrought and sentimental.

daisypond Sun 03-Jun-18 16:59:08

Meant to say I don't really want to see the film, as the book has left such an impression I don't want it spoiled.

xsquared Sun 03-Jun-18 17:14:00

Fair enough, The First. I just thought how unsatisfying it was to have left the story as it was at the end. I didn’t sympathise with either characters in the book.

CherryBlossom23 Sun 03-Jun-18 17:16:34

I really liked it. I think you need to have read the book to really get it, otherwise I can see how it could be disappointing. I did think the ending was a bit twee but other than that it's one of the best book to screen adaptions I've seen. Also loved the 60s clothes on Saoirse bit that's irrelevant grin

xsquared Sun 03-Jun-18 17:21:51

Like a pp, I thought it was frustrating and sad how they ended up.

BitOfFun Mon 04-Jun-18 02:16:01

I loved the book, and I'm looking forward to the film, although I understand that there's a description of Florence's subsequent life which the book doesn't relate.

It's supposed to be sad: it's an exploration of how the things we leave unsaid can nonetheless shape our entire lives. I found it poignant rather than miserable.

user1486915549 Mon 04-Jun-18 10:22:51

The book really made me think.
Lost opportunity, how one moment can change a lifetime.
I must re read it. I loved Ian mcewan books until his last 3.
Don’t think I would want to see the film.

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