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Classic films appreciation thread - come and join us!

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PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 08:45:32

Following on from the recent thread about favourite actors from old films, @FatBallsAndSunflowerSeeds had the fab idea of an old movies appreciation thread... So here it is! If you like old films and actors of any kind, come and join us.

old thread

We thought we'd look out for any classic films being shown on TV, post them on this thread and then discuss them afterwards... But if you want to post about any of your favourite old films and actors at any time, that would also be fab. Basically, this is just a place to chat about old films - please come and join us!

I'm off to check the TV schedules for any potential gems coming up - I will post again with anything that looks good.

Meantime, here's James Cagney tap dancing down the stairs in Yankee Doodle Dandy - happy bank holiday everyone smile

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 08:50:31

I'm up for this. I wasn't on the previous thread, I'm afraid - somehow it passed me by completely - but I'm assuming everyone knows about Talking Pictures, which shows a wealth of old films, mostly not that well-known, often B&W, and including many fascinating gems.

Off to enjoy the other thread now smile

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 08:57:40

Right, I can see my recommendation of Talking Pictures was entirely superfluous grin

Hitchcock's Notorious is on there at 6pm today. Attention all Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains fans (he who was fabled in Hollywood for his beautiful voice).

tortelliniforever Sun 06-May-18 09:03:51

Rushes out to try tap dancing down our steps grin

I am not in the UK and classic films are a bit thin on the ground here! However, I did watch Singin' in the Rain with DD yesterday for the umpteenth time. I love it but really still don't like the Cyd Charisse dance sequence.

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 09:06:01

Hi Halsall yes there are a few Talking Pictures fans around! Thanks for posting re Notorious. I recorded it when it was on recently and haven't had a chance to watch it yet - hopefully tonight!

elQuintoConyo Sun 06-May-18 09:06:17

A Carnival of Souls.
The Wicked Lady.
Murder by Death.
A Matter of Life and Death.

Just a few of my favourites.

elQuintoConyo Sun 06-May-18 09:08:11

Midnight Lace (Doris Day)
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Black Orchid (prob the wrong name... Brain fart... About nuns! B/W).

elQuintoConyo Sun 06-May-18 09:08:30

Black Narcissus! grin

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 09:14:02

Also @Dfg15 posted about the Discovering... series on Sky Arts, which has featured loads of the actors mentioned on the previous thread - well worth checking out if you have access.
Tortellini apologies for my UK-centric post earlier, sorry to hear about the lack of old films in your neck of the woods! I rented out a couple on Amazon Prime last week - there are absolutely loads on there (although the sound quality wasn't that great for one of them).

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 09:16:05

Hi elQuintoConyo great list - I like the sound of Black Narcissus. Also there was loads of love for A Matter of Life and Death on the old thread, so you're definitely not alone there!...

CharDeeMacDennis Sun 06-May-18 09:22:48

Signing in. DP and I watched Night of the Hunter last week. Strange film for the time, and very influential.

I've seen Notorious, but many years ago - I was a teenage film buff. Wasn't interested in going out drinking and smoking, preferred staying in with my VCR and collection of old films - I'd record basically anything and give it a go - found some real gems that way, including The Wicked Lady, which I LOVED.

Can anyone help me remember the name of another one I enjoyed a lot? It was an old melodrama, probably 1940s or 1950s, about a woman who seemed wonderful and worked her way into the lives of a family, but who was actually very messed up and destructive confused I just can't think of the title or who was in it or anything!

boldlygoingsomewhere Sun 06-May-18 09:23:04

Talking Pictures quite often shows This Happy Breed which is great nostalgic viewing.

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 09:30:53

Talking Pictures has a Laurel and Hardy today (in approx 5 mins!) Them Thar Hills, and an early John Wayne western tomorrow - from 1930!

Lucked Sun 06-May-18 09:31:06

The Philadelphia story is my ultimate feel good film.

Are we looking at a specific time period here?

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 09:35:31

Ah Lucked it's one of mine too. Love Stewart, Hepburn and Grant - and Ruth Massey as Liz. The drunk/hiccuping scene is one of my favourites of all time!

Good question re the time frame - I didn't have anything specific in mind - what do people think?

Tortelliniforever Sun 06-May-18 09:40:36

elquinto - OMG your post has reminded my that I have a Powell and Pressburger box set somewhere around the house - will go and root it out!

CharDee - I LOVE The Wicked Lady and could probably recreate the dialogue from start to finish (including James Mason's mispronunciation of "reasonably friendly" as "weasonably fwiendly" grin

Private Parkin - don't worry about being UK centric! I have to point out that I only meant they are thin on the ground on tv. I am very lucky in that I have a local library with loads of classic films (free loan) and an actual dvd hire shop just round the corner which has just about everything I have ever asked for. Plus one of my local cinemas specializes in showing restored versions of classic films - including free showings of silent films with live orchestra accompaniment in the city square in the summer. smile

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 09:48:33

CharDee not All About Eve?

ppeatfruit Sun 06-May-18 10:23:58

I watched a 1999 Trevor Nunn version of Oklahoma yesterday, does that count? I enjoyed looking for anachronisms and places where the proper film!!! was better or worse!

BagelGoesWalking Sun 06-May-18 10:36:39

Great idea for a new thread! I was only recently alerted to the Talking Pictures channel and manages to record the Wicked Lady (which I haven't watched yet). Would appreciate any alerts to good films on there.

Love all the classics mentioned. Have a soft spot for the Ealing comedies as well, particularly Passport to Pimlico and Whiskey Galore.

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 10:52:00

Spiral Staircase is on Talking Pictures tomorrow night at 11 (I think - but check!). Good and scary, with Dorothy Maguire as a woman who can't speak so can't express herself about the terrifying happenings grin

It's probably been mentioned before but for anyone who's in the London area and can get the London Live channel - they have some surprisingly interesting old films on in the afternoons. Worth checking out.

Oh, and Discovering Greta Garbo is on Sky Arts tomorrow morning at 9:30. As pointed out before, these are quite good documentaries (if you try to ignore the rather dreary voiceovers by the splendidly-named Ryan Mandrake)

ppeatfruit Sun 06-May-18 11:56:01

Halsall Snap ! I watch London Live quite a bit, some of the films are very odd! Did you see the one with Jessie Mathews trying to pass as a man? Obviously it's the one that Victor Victoria with Julie Andrews was based on.

I watch Sky Arts too esp. the bio programmes , I enjoyed the ones about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers separately and Ava Gardner. They do repeat them rather a lot though grin

ppeatfruit Sun 06-May-18 11:58:42

I can't watch horror films, we live in a house that the dcs think is haunted and I'm often alone here, so NO horror films for me!!!

tortelliniforever Sun 06-May-18 13:09:16

Spiral Staircase is on Talking Pictures tomorrow night at 11 (I think - but check!). Good and scary, with Dorothy Maguire as a woman who can't speak so can't express herself about the terrifying happenings grin

Just checked and it is in our library - looking forward to it, thanks for the recommendation.

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 14:35:45

How scary is Spiral Staircase please?? I've just looked up the description and it sounds terrifying!! I will give it a go though!

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 14:40:23

Tortellini I love the sound of the old movies on the big screen - I think the only old films I've ever seen in the cinema are It's A Wonderful Life and The Citadel with Robert Donat - seeing the level of detail on the big screen, as opposed to TV, was amazing. I guess those films were never made to be shown anywhere other than in the cinema... [Goes off to Google local cinemas, expects to be disappointed...]

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 15:11:07

One of the reviews on IMDB says The Spiral Staircase is one of the most eerie and atmospheric films that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, Private. So, yes, quite scary!

We're really lucky to live near a restored Art Deco cinema which sometimes screens old classics - they do It's a Wonderful Life every Christmas, for example. Dh and I really enjoyed going to see The Smallest Show on Earth there (about, er, a decrepit old fleapit cinema that's brought back to life - a few parallels there grin)

BagelGoesWalking Sun 06-May-18 16:36:43

Pimpernel Smith with Leslie Howard is on Film4 Thursday 10 May at 16:15
I think I've seen this but can't remember if it's any good?

The Dam Busters Film4 Thurs 17 May at 16:10

Magnificent Obsession Film4 Fri 11 May at 11:00 Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson - I assume an overwrought melodrama?

CharDeeMacDennis Sun 06-May-18 16:51:13

No, not All Aout Eve, Halsall, good shout though! It's a similar kind of thing but more rural setting. This is going to bug me now grin

Halsall Sun 06-May-18 16:52:31

I'm sure the power of film-loving MNetters will find it, CharDee grin

PrivateParkin Sun 06-May-18 20:18:01

Would you know it if you saw the title CharDee ? lists the top films of each year so if it had a descriptive title?! Bit of a long shot though! grin

Bagel thanks for the viewing tip offs!

Childrenofthesun Sun 06-May-18 20:25:23

Quite by chance I caught Mildred Pierce starring Joan Crawford when it was on television over Christmas. I thoroughly recommend for anyone who likes a bit of noir. Ann Blyth was outstanding, although I can't recall ever having seen her in anything else.

My all-time favourite old film is Calamity Jane though!

onemouseplace Sun 06-May-18 20:29:10

How did I miss the first thread? I am a big classic movie fan - my Dad is as well so I grew up watching films like Passport to Pimlico, This Happy Breed and Genevieve on what seemed like a daily basis!

ppeatfruit Mon 07-May-18 08:20:32

I recently saw Mommie Dearest , and I can't look at Joan Crawford in the same way. She was vile and despicable. Probably had a bad childhood herself but to inflict that on her adopted children shock [anger]

ppeatfruit Mon 07-May-18 08:22:22

West Side Story is my favourite film of all time! Shall we all tell our favourites?

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 08:31:37

Yes go for it ppeatfruit* ! Top 3?!

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 09:01:57

My top 3:
It's A Wonderful Life
Mrs Miniver
The Philadelphia Story

I was going to choose The Grapes of Wrath, which I love, especially Ma Joad (aka the bird lady in Mary Poppins - am a bit obsessed with that fact), but I would not want to be stuck on a desert island with The Grapes of Wrath, if you know what I mean. So I had to go with sweet, funny, perfect Philadelphia Story smile

ppeatfruit Mon 07-May-18 09:33:48

Yes I love Philadephia Story too ( I even like the more modern version High Society)

Rebecca (the Charles Dance version is better than the older one IMO!)

Oklahoma of course ! (I DO love musicals). With West Side Story that makes four though!

3 isn't enough for me!

ppeatfruit Mon 07-May-18 09:35:17

Can you tell I prefer escapism too grin Private ?

Greenglassteacup Mon 07-May-18 09:39:10

I love Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford.

Also recommend Bell Book & Candle with Kim Novak

BagelGoesWalking Mon 07-May-18 09:39:17

Ma Joad (aka the bird lady in Mary Poppins - am a bit obsessed with that fact)

What?! 😳 amazing fact!

Greenglassteacup Mon 07-May-18 09:39:46

Oh & Gone With The Wind of course

dietcokemango Mon 07-May-18 09:43:34

Placemarking for recommendations. I watched Un Chien Andalou the other week, not quite the same thing but YouTube recommendations were more of the classic variety after seeing that

Greenglassteacup Mon 07-May-18 09:47:27

Dr Zchivago with Omar Sharif

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 09:51:50

Bagel I know!! Her name was Jane Darwell. I think she's fantastic in The Grapes of Wrath, I can barely think about that scene where she surveys the Joad homestead for the last time without bursting into tears, she is fantastic. Apparently she was in a home for retired actors when Walt Disney requested her personally for Mary Poppins. She must have been well into her 80s I think by then.

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 09:52:04

ppeat apparently Jane Darwell (Ma Joad/Birdlady) had retired and was living in a home for actors. Walt Disney asked her specially to be in Mary Poppins. She said yes, did the role, then went straight back to retirement and never acted again smile

I've got so many favourite films I couldn't pick three, but most things by Powell & Pressburger would have to be in the running, especially A Matter of Life and Death. I'm probably a bit more of an English obscure films type than anything, but I'm happy to watch most things from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's.

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 09:52:52

Haha, x-post with PrivateP smile

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 09:56:09

Tee hee x-post Halsall ! I heard about Ma Joad/bird lady on Soul Music on Radio 4 when they featured Feed The Birds. I'm a bit obsessed with the Sherman brothers as well but that's possibly going a bit off topic...

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 10:05:01

No, you should talk about the Shermans, PrivateP, it's all grist to the mill! I think I heard that programme too.

I was just coming back on to ask if anyone else has listened to any of the You Must Remember This podcasts? They're about old Hollywood actors (although some are more up to date) and full of interesting gossipy anecdotes. An American woman called Karina Longworth writes and narrates them - tbh I suspect she might not be doing them any more, as the latest one I can find is from last November, but there's a big archive of past episodes. Worth checking out. There are several episodes about Joan Crawford, for example.

ChinkChink Mon 07-May-18 10:18:52

@CharDee Can anyone help me remember the name of another one I enjoyed a lot? It was an old melodrama, probably 1940s or 1950s, about a woman who seemed wonderful and worked her way into the lives of a family, but who was actually very messed up and destructive confused I just can't think of the title or who was in it or anything!

British or US movie? Black & white or colour? I could only think of 'No Man of Her Own' with Barbara Stanwyck but it doesn't quite fit.

My favourites are Hitchcock movies, Powell & Pressburger movies and Ealing comedies. I don't generally enjoy musicals but notable exceptions would include the wonderful Calamity Jane and West Side Story.

Also in my top ten would be a movie a lot of critics disliked - Death in Venice, directed by Visconti. Dirk Bogarde's one of my favourite actors. Love also anything with Alistair Sim or Margaret Rutherford, particularly the latter's Miss Marple series [though Agatha hated them!]

ppeatfruit Mon 07-May-18 11:02:02

Oh yes Margaret Rutherford in Blithe Spirit was brilliant. I liked her in the Miss Marple films but I particularly enjoyed Geraldine Mckewan as Miss Marple on the telly.

She was beyond brilliant as Lucia in Mapp and Lucia too. I know that was on the TV but I liked it a lot.

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 12:06:31

We need to solve the puzzle for @CharDeeMacDennis - it's really bugging me now, too! Can you remember any of the details that Chink asked about, Char?

84CharingCrossRoad Mon 07-May-18 14:00:20

My friend nursed Emetic Pressburger in a nursing home. He had his Oscar in his room.

84CharingCrossRoad Mon 07-May-18 14:04:52

For those of you talking about tap dancing. Look at this a fusion of old and new. It's fabulous!!! smile

84CharingCrossRoad Mon 07-May-18 14:05:52

Emetic Emeric!!

tortelliniforever Mon 07-May-18 15:30:00

I love James Mason so one of my top 3 would have to be one of his films - maybe "North by Northwest" as that would get me Cary too!

I was just coming back on to ask if anyone else has listened to any of the You Must Remember This podcasts?
Sounds interesting - will check it out, thanks.

Has anyone been listening to the John Sessions series on Radio 4? Not strictly about films but he tells lots of really interesting anecdotes, many regarding actors he has met.

tortelliniforever Mon 07-May-18 15:30:55

Love the tap dancing too!

SALE123 Mon 07-May-18 15:37:34

PrivateParkin do you like like the sound of the new films as well?

SALE123 Mon 07-May-18 15:38:22

I don't like the tap dancing

SALE123 Mon 07-May-18 15:45:45

Is any budy like Mr Trumb ?

BagelGoesWalking Mon 07-May-18 15:49:14

84CharingCross fascinating snippet about Pressburger. Love Powell/Pressburger films.

I also like the fact that Kevin MacDonald is Pressburger's grandson. He directed the excellent documentary One Day in September about the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich, King of Scotland and State of Play.

84CharingCrossRoad Mon 07-May-18 16:08:46

Sale Mr Trumb?????

Graphista Mon 07-May-18 16:51:13

I was that typical teen/20 something that thought "ugh old films are boring"

Then my gran introduced me to...

An imitation of life

I was stunned that a film made then would be about race, family loyalty etc LOVED it.

I should have learnt but I still even now struggle to think 'yea that might be good' about any film older than me!

However, I should know better because I have watched and adored

On moonlight bay
By the light of the silvery moon
Calamity Jane
To catch a thief
The Birds
Rear window
Marnie (again really surprised at the subject matter being used so long ago)
Blackboard jungle
Gone with the wind
All about Eve
The King and I
West side story
Madam X
Arsenic and old lace
Brewsters millions (1945)
The million pound note
The music man
In a lonely place (even better than Casablanca imo)
Gentleman prefer blondes
How to marry a millionaire
The seven year itch
Some like it hot
All about Eve
Seven brides for seven brothers
Hello dolly
The apartment
To sir with love
Singing in the rain
Strangers on a train
A star is born (1954)
Wizard of oz
Sweet charity
The Ten Commandments
Ben Hur
The ladykillers
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Bonnie and Clyde
Guess who's coming to dinner
The hustler
Birdman of alacatraz
The ipcress file

Numerous WWII and westerns thanks to dad but I don't remember the titles always. Ones I remember are:

Bridge on the river Kwai
The great escape
The dirty dozen
Where eagles dare
The Dam busters

The good, the bad and the ugly
A fistful of dollars
For a few dollars more
Annie get your gun

The only one I've seen that I REALLY didn't like was

It's a wonderful life. Just irritates the hell out of me.

Hmm for someone who 'doesn't watch old movies' I seem to have seen a lot grin

CharDeeMacDennis Mon 07-May-18 16:57:24

British or US movie? Black & white or colour? I could only think of 'No Man of Her Own' with Barbara Stanwyck but it doesn't quite fit

Hi ChickChink, nope, not that, but now I want to see that, it sounds right up my alley smile. The one I'm thinking of was American and I'm pretty sure was in colour.

ChinkChink Mon 07-May-18 18:11:48


Guest in the House [1944]?

Or what about Queen Bee [1955]?

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 18:23:30

Solid list Graphista - definitely some there that I haven't seen. However I will have to ignore your penultimate paragraph grin

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 18:26:09

dietcokemango Un Chien Andalou sounds extremely interesting! My favourites tend to the more mainstream so I think this thread will be great for recommendations for things I wouldn't normally consider...

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 18:49:06

I now badly want to see Guest in the House aka Satan in Skirts gringringrin

Movablefeast Mon 07-May-18 18:51:35

I am in the US now but for anyone in London do you ever go to the BFI Southbank where they have four screens and show classic films? I saw one of my all time favourites It Happened One Night with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert there (although my mum, who was a massive film buff originally introduced me to the movie).

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 19:06:42

Yes, I go occasionally, Moveable. Dh and I went recently to see a documentary about Hedy Lamarr, who was a talented inventor in real (non-movie) life. She co-invented a torpedo device for use in WW2 with the composer George Antheil, the technology for which is now used worldwide in wifi etc......but she never got paid for it.

CremeBrulee Mon 07-May-18 19:34:52

Oh yes,I've all the films mentioned so far. Can I add a few?

The Women (original version with Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford)
Waterloo Bridge (Vivienne Leigh tearjerker, probably my favourite film)
The Red Shoes (just beautiful from start to finish)
Oh and hundreds more!

Graphista Mon 07-May-18 19:50:28

Op yea I know it's an unpopular opinion but I really hated that film! (And it's VERY rare I'll actually hate a film I've watched some dire crap over my many years. The big problem was I had to watch it for a uni assignment and so whereas normally if I don't like a film I'll of course just turn it off. I had to watch the whole thing AND do a sodding presentation on it! Luckily my - very critical - presentation went down well with the lecturer as he also hated it 😂)

I'm lucky enough to have the glasgow film theatre near enough to visit occasionally which also screens classic and cult films and documentaries associated with them. Info for anyone who lives near or is visiting glasgow.

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 20:05:04

Graphista ok I'll let you off since you were forced to watch it! I read a funny review of it last Christmas where the writer was saying that George Bailey should have actually loved Pottersville because it was so much more exciting than Bedford Falls, and excitement was exactly what he'd been looking for grin

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 20:39:55

Hi creme
(Hope I haven't missed anyone that I haven't already responded to smile )

Thanks for the tip about the podcast Halsall - I've just downloaded a few episodes, it sounds excellent.

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 20:44:01

I also thought about including film stars' birthdays as well, in case that sparks a few recommendations (and also to look at some fab old pictures). So Gary Cooper was born otd in 1901

PrivateParkin Mon 07-May-18 20:49:36

And Anne Baxter was also born otd in 1923. One of her films - I Confess with Montgomery Clift - was recommended by someone on the last thread.

Sunnymeg Mon 07-May-18 20:49:43

Does anyone remember King's Row? I haven't seen it on telly in years.

Halsall Mon 07-May-18 21:45:26

Gosh, yes, King's Row - with Ronald Reagan's infamous line 'Where's the rest of me?' (he's in hospital waking up to find both legs have been amputated shock)

avva Mon 07-May-18 23:18:00

My husband LOVES old movies so we've watched countless ones over the years (and I mean "Birth of a Nation" and "Battleship Potemkin" old too).

My favourites are probably from the noir era; ones I've really enjoyed are Sunset Boulevard, Vertigo, The Third Man, Citizen Kane, and Twelve Angry Men.

James Cagney is just a wonderful actor - Angels with Dirty Faces is perhaps my favourite work of his, and The Public Enemy with it's chilling ending. I was a quite sad to read that in real life he was apparently a terrible parent though, it took the shine off him a bit for me.

CremeBrulee Mon 07-May-18 23:25:11

Just thought of a few goodBette Davis films I'd really like to see again:

Mr Skeffington
The Little Foxes

Did anybody see Feud with Jessica Lange/Susan Sarandon playing Joan Crawford and Bette Davis? Really enjoyed it and loved spotting all the other stars and the movies mentioned throughout the series!

ppeatfruit Tue 08-May-18 09:27:52

Graphista Good list ! Especially Some Like it Hot that's on the top of my non musical list! It's lovely to read the opinions of a youngster grin who appreciates old films.

DH is a bit of an obsessive about most things including old films. I don't subscribe to the "If it's old and in black and white it's great" opinion. I'm quite critical I don't like Vivien Leigh films especially Gone With The Wind , she was pretty but that was it as far as I could see; between her and a tree the tree is more animated!!

Graphista Tue 08-May-18 15:32:56

I'm a youngster? At nearly 46? <preens> grin

PrivateParkin Tue 08-May-18 16:27:15

I ended up staying up to watch The Spiral Staircase on Talking Pictures last night - sinister and brooding but watchable even by my standards, and I have a pretty low tolerance for anything remotely scary. It's set in a run-down Gothic mansion, with candles guttering in the lamps, rattling windows, thunderstorms etc - brilliant stuff. Dorothy Maguire plays Helen, a companion/nurse to a fab Ethel Barrymore. Helen has suffered some kind of childhood trauma leaving her unable to speak, and therefore unable to ask for help when a serial killer starts to prowl the vicinity... Pretty melodramatic but enjoyable nonetheless.

Halsall Tue 08-May-18 17:15:17

For Gary Cooper fans (happy belated birthday, Gary), The Wedding Night, from 1935, which pits him against Russian actress Anna Sten, is on Talking Pictures at 02:45 tomorrow morning. One to record if you're a fan of Cooper, Sten or director King Vidor, perhaps.

PrivateParkin Tue 08-May-18 19:44:19

I loved Feud, I thought they did a brilliant job of it - especially the dresses (or should I say gowns). Didn't Olivia de Havilland sue them for the way she was portrayed?

Ventress Wed 09-May-18 14:24:40

I love classic movies. I particularly like Hitchcock movies - Vertigo being my absolute favourite.

My 10 year old son also loves movies so I'm trying to introduce him to the wonders of "The Golden Age of Hollywood" smile. So far we've watched "Rear Window", "The Ladykillers" (the original Ealing comedy of course), "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Dial M for Murder".

I've really enjoyed talking to him about them afterwards too! DP is uninterested in old films although he's said that when we watch "North by Northwest" he'll deign to join us grin

I realise this is a thread to draw attention to classics on TV but I'm wondering if I can hijack and ask for suggestions for what other movies a 10 year old might enjoy? I've been thinking "Passport to Pimlico", "Some Like it Hot", "Bringing up Baby" and "It happened one night". He likes slapstick.

One of my other favourites is "The Third Man" but I think he's a little young for that yet although we've been discussing "Citizen Kane" so perhaps he's not too young for Orson Welles grin

avva Wed 09-May-18 14:50:09

How about Buster Keaton (can't think of a specific one but he's brilliant), or Harold Lloyd (the Kid Brother, Safety Last)? Happiest Days of Your Life is another comedy I think we enjoyed.

If he liked Dial M and Rear Window then Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard might be enjoyable too.

Charade with Audrey Hepburn maybe?

Halsall Wed 09-May-18 15:19:05

He might perhaps enjoy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World? Full of stars, madcap plot, lots of silly things going on. A classic caper movie....I can't remember if there are any actual custard pies but it's pretty slapstick grin

Ventress Wed 09-May-18 15:38:01

I'm fairly ignorant of all of those old Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd comedies avva so they could be ones we enjoy for the first time together. I must admit when I think of Charlie Chaplin I automatically think of Blackadder Goes Forth and Baldrick "the slug balancer" grin

I've seen the others you mention and I'm pretty sure I have "Charade" on DVD so I'll dig that out. I also thought about Humphrey Bogart and the Phillip Marlow movies, The Maltese Falcon etc. I haven't seen them for years though and they may be a little complicated for him just yet.

I've not seen "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" either Halsall but obviously I know of it. You can never have too many custard pies in a movie grin Good calls, thank you both.

PrivateParkin Wed 09-May-18 16:03:31

What about Laurel and Hardy? Or Destry Rides Again - plenty of slapstick bar-room brawls there. It's rated PG, I've just noticed, but the whole premise is restoring law and order without guns... It's ages since I've seen it though, so I can't remember if there are any scenes that wouldn't be ok for a 10yo.

I'm a bit envious though Ventress as my DS (8) automatically assumes everything in b&w is "rubbish" (hoping to indoctrinate him as he gets older though, as his taste in films is otherwise - usually - ok)...

Halsall Wed 09-May-18 16:42:25

Singing in the Rain was on the other day and although I've seen it a hundred times I sat and watched it again (and loved it). Maybe that would entertain a 10-y-old? That's the sort of thing I watched when I was that sort of age, and BBC2 used to put old Hollywood musicals on every Saturday afternoon, which my mum and I would watch. Lovely memories.

Halsall Wed 09-May-18 16:44:58

Oh, and I know it's not exactly 'classic', but Bugsy Malone has a great custard-pie sequence!

leslie88976 Wed 09-May-18 16:52:24

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PrivateParkin Wed 09-May-18 18:50:00

Halsall same for me, happy childhood memories of watching with my mum, who is a massive fan of old films and has seen everything under the sun. When I was about 10-11, my dad worked away for a few months, and mum, my sister and I always used to watch the Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) films, Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes and the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope Road movies in the evenings - they seemed to be on TV every night! Not sure whether that was actually the case or not... We often discuss old films and watch them whenever we can now as well, although not so much opportunity these days unfortunately.

ppeatfruit Wed 09-May-18 21:23:00

Ventress Perhaps the Pink Panther films with Peter Sellers would be fun for a 10 yr old boy. Most of his films were funny in a juvenile way! I bet he'd like the Goon Shows on the radio (repeated on 4 extra).

Halsall I LOVE Singin in the Rain I LOVE Gene Kelly his dancing was tops!! Not his kissing though, according to Debbie Reynolds!

84CharingCrossRoad Wed 09-May-18 21:33:03

If your DS likes slapstick then watch Bringing Up Baby. The first ever slapstick. My DS loved it...

BagelGoesWalking Wed 09-May-18 21:37:20

Private Watched exactly those films! Elvis Presley and Beatles films in the run up to Christmas.

Ventress If you can find them somewhere, Abbott and Costello but, above all, The Marx Brothers would be great if he likes slapstick.

Ventress Thu 10-May-18 09:38:33

So many wonderful suggestions, thank you all flowers

ppeatfruit I thought of the Pink Panther movies when we saw the young Peter Sellers in "The Ladykillers". I haven't seen them in years but I'll try and find them on Amazon or Netflix

Singing in the Rain is a great idea Halsall. I've showed him the Paddington Bear version on You Tube grin but the real thing would be great!

Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello are great fun. I remember when I was a kid they used to show the half hour L&H's on Saturday mornings. Marx Brothers too Bagel - good call grin

You know I always assumed Destry rides again was a western of the old school Gary Cooper, James Stewart sort PrivateParkin blush

Certificates can be rather misleading on old movies can't they? DS will say "but it's a PG" but, to me, it's not appropriate (e.g. To Kill a Mockingbird). I guess this is why I've so far stuck to movies I know.

I think I shared the same Saturday afternoons as you two Halsall and PrivateParkin! Bob Hope and Bing Crosby - I'd forgotten about those. How about Jerry Lewis in "Who's minding the store". If found that hilarious as a child. Also "The Million Pound Note"

84CharingCrossRoad - Bringing up Baby is one of my favourite movies. DS will love it I'm sure. 84 Charing Cross Road is a great movie too but not for DS just yet smile

We've watched some musicals - Bugsy Malone being one. Also, Little Shop of Horrors, Oliver The King & I and My Fair Lady. I borrowed High Society from my mum last week so that's on the "to watch" pile.

DS has always loved movies PrivateParkin. It's odd, he was a really hyper toddler but stick a movie on and he'd be glued to it. My DP sounds more like your DS! He hates B&W and all musicals (except "The Blues Brothers", which DS certainly isn't watching anytime soon!)

I'm really sorry for the derail. I shall review the TV listings and see what I can find for this weekend. I've found that BBC2 quite often stick a good movie, perhaps not classic era, but something like Chinatown or The Conversation on at about 2am on a Saturday morning.

ppeatfruit Thu 10-May-18 13:04:03

Some of the films are great and some aren't (like everything IMO and E) whether B&W or colour!

There's a lot of "me too' movies. Hollywood goes into boring mode too much I reckon!

gryffen Thu 10-May-18 13:24:30

The Pirate (Gene Kelly)
Agony and Ecstasy
The Robe
Seven brides for seven brothers
Calamity Jane
Tora Tora tora
Ten commandments
Dracula (Gary oldman)
Dracula (louis Jourdan)
Hocus Pocus (it's near 20yrs old)
Witches of Eastwick
Where Eagles Dare
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
A star is born (Barbara Streisand)

I'm 35 I was raised on lots of old films lol

PrivateParkin Thu 10-May-18 13:26:35

You're not de-railing at all Ventress - the TV listings idea was just a starting off point really. Any discussion about old films is welcome!

I know what you mean about certificates on old films - they can be pretty unpredictable. I completely agree about To Kill A Mockingbird - best left until old enough to understand them IMHO. If that film was re-made now I highly doubt it would be rated PG with that subject matter!

ppeatfruit yes of course, there is a lot of dross made at any time in cinematic history grin you're right - we can always appreciate the good stuff and critique the bad of the old days as well!

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