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Solo: A Star Wars Story

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TheSecondOfHerName Fri 04-May-18 10:51:54

Tickets sales have opened.

May the fourth be with you.

megletthesecond Tue 08-May-18 21:13:36

I really want this to be good.
I won't be getting advance tickets but hopefully me and DS will be able to go a week or two after it opens.

Noeuf Tue 08-May-18 22:00:15

Im not going.

I feel like it's not my Star Wars anymore so I'm stopping at The Last Jedi - no more side movies etc.

MuddlingMackem Thu 24-May-18 17:34:43

Went to a midnight showing and really enjoyed it. Thought the actors playing young Han and Lando did a really good job.

I remember reading the Han Solo trilogy many, many years ago and wondered how the film would differ. Answer - totally. LOL! But I thought it did a really good job.

dailymailsucksbigtime Thu 24-May-18 23:55:31

It is good. Not the blockbuster special effects of a star wars film but good. Limited violence and only 1 sad moment- so good for children.

nooka Sat 26-May-18 03:03:41

Like Noeuf we've opted out of Star Wars after the Last Jedi (and declared that as non canon as far as we are concerned). Sad given how excited our family has been for every preceding Star Wars movie.

eggsandchips Sat 26-May-18 04:20:26

Was at midnight showing and found it extremely boring and disappointing. The characters were in my opinion quite forgettable aside from chewie of course and lando was good. Other than that I was bored all the way through. Out of the stand alone films, I thought R1 was excellent but

Imchlibob Sat 26-May-18 06:02:40

I thought it was good.

Nice plot. Strong female characters. Good pacing. Some really nicely done foreshadowing of stuff we obviously know will come later. An "interesting" surprise cameo that wouldn't have been my choice but I'll live with it. The actor being Han has done some excellent work learning Harrison Ford body language. I think it's a worthwhile addition to the canon.

I agree with people about The Last Jedi. That should be expunged from the record and not considered canon or referred to again. The director deliberately wanted to muck up the arcstory and made a terrible terrible film, but that doesn't mean that future films can't be good.

PicaK Sat 26-May-18 19:13:58


RavenWings Sat 26-May-18 19:17:30

I thought it was ok, good storyline and kept a nice pace. Emilia Clarke is one note and wooden, but that's nothing new.

Dancingmonkey87 Sat 26-May-18 19:20:33

I went yesterday it was boring in parts and I couldn’t connect the actor as Han Solo. There was another actor who looked like a young Harrison Ford and spoke like him which would have been better, he had the same mannerisms as him. It was a big fail in my book and an average movie at best. Lando however was good and chewy , other characters were undeveloped and one dimensional especially Emilia Clarke.

eggsandchips Sat 26-May-18 19:40:34

@Dancingmonkey87 that were my thoughts. I may change my mind when I go and see it again though..although the thought of sitting though it again is not an exciting one. And normally I go to see SW films at least five times blush

Dancingmonkey87 Sat 26-May-18 19:50:08

It just didn’t have that Starwars feel and to take such an iconic character such as Han Solo you needed a character that has the seem game and charsma This was the actor who looks and sounds like Han he actually played a younger Harrison Ford in the age of Adeline

MuddlingMackem Sun 27-May-18 15:19:43

That video on YouTube is from 2008. So I guess the actor is now too old to play Han the age he needed to be for this film.

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 27-May-18 16:58:24

Apparently he applied for the role, I don’t think he’s any older than the actor that played him.

bsbabas Sun 27-May-18 17:21:07

Omg it looks soo good I can't wait!!!

Lweji Sun 27-May-18 18:25:15

I've just been.

Are we allowed to talk about it here or no spoilers allowed on this thread?

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 27-May-18 18:31:58

I think so I don’t see why not

slightlyglittermaned Sun 27-May-18 18:36:25

Is the general consensus that despite the 12a, it's okay for children?

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 27-May-18 18:40:17

Yes it’s fine for children my 9 year old went with me.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 18:46:03

I saw it this afternoon and really enjoyed it.

In my opinion, the franchise has benefitted from having new people writing the dialogue.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 18:48:59

There was one scene where a character uses a finger to draw a symbol in the dust. It's supposed to be a reveal about the origins of a crime syndicate, but it looked a lot like the London Underground symbol, so my children were making jokes about the insidiousness of TfL on the way home.

Lweji Sun 27-May-18 19:10:58

I'd have liked to see a joke along the lines of "don't trust anyone, not even your children".

Anyway, what's up with the ultimate crime lord (in case anyone complains about spoilers)? That was the only real surprise of the movie for me.
Do you think it might somehow relate to SW Episode 9?

Lweji Sun 27-May-18 19:13:37

And nobody confronted him about the use of parsecs. Unless they actually mean distance (as a short cut) than time.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 19:28:01

Regarding the hologram of the crime boss seen at the end of the film, DS1 commented that we only saw the upper half of his body, which is feasible.

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