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This is England

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noddyholder Sat 12-May-07 16:15:32

I can thoroughly reccommend this film.It was absolutely brilliant A bit violent and hard core at times but a brilliant slice of life through the eyes of a young boy in thatchers britain around the time of the falklands war.

moondog Sat 12-May-07 16:29:39

Ooh i really want to see this.
On my list of must dos for next week.

webwoman05 Sat 12-May-07 19:48:38

My friend in France said he's just seen this (he's English!) and said the soundtrack is fab. Will defo make the effort to see this film.

mum2rhiandeddie Wed 22-Aug-07 22:23:23

Sorry I think the movie sucked.

The soundtrack was Ok but thats about it.

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