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Stepford Wives--- Have you seen it?

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Carameli Thu 05-Aug-04 17:49:42

Is it as bad as all the reviews seem to think?

StickyNote Thu 05-Aug-04 18:23:13

I went to see it with my friend (her idea), having read all the reviews and expecting to see a truly terrible film. It's certainly no classic but it was fine, quite funny in places and with loads of hammy acting. I've never seen the original - don't know whether that would make a difference. For candy floss escapist fun, it's worth a watch.

lou33 Thu 05-Aug-04 22:07:04

It's drivel.

mummytojames Thu 05-Aug-04 22:09:48

havent seen it yet but definatley want to personaly i dont like reading reviews of a film because they say no good and i think there great plus i need a day out

vict17 Sat 29-Jan-05 12:32:21

anyone think this was any good? We're watching it with friends on dvd tonight I think - eek!!

essbee Sat 29-Jan-05 13:37:14

Message withdrawn

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