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Peter rabbit

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allthegoodnameshadgone Sat 17-Mar-18 20:20:52

I saw this today and I thought it was great. I even had a little cry in parts. Anyone else seen it yet?

GaraMedouar Sat 17-Mar-18 20:26:41

Saw it yesterday with DD - really enjoyed it , laughed out loud at times . I didn’t actually cry at all , which is unlike me. Sat behind the most enormous person in the cinema though grin - had to be me! Well actually it was DD but I swapped with her.

GaraMedouar Sat 17-Mar-18 20:28:23

I mean that I swapped with DD so she got a perfect view , not the other way round! I’m a nice mum really.

allthegoodnameshadgone Sat 17-Mar-18 20:56:26

I took my nephew. He's as tall as peter crouch. I had to swap seats with him as the little girl behind couldn't see over his head! There were no seats at the back where I normally sit with him.

I am a crier. As I get older I jut get more emotsh.

ListeningtoBowie Sat 17-Mar-18 21:03:15

I enjoyed the film and thought it was good but I have to say it wasn't really anything to do with the real Peter Rabbit. Where were all the characters? Mr Todd barely even featured.
I didn't really like the music in it.
I do think Beatrix potter would be turning in her grave though.

GaraMedouar Sat 17-Mar-18 21:16:38

Yes it wasn’t the ‘real ‘ Peter Rabbit as such but did find it a good film. Though not one that I’d rush to see again.

Monny1 Sun 18-Mar-18 17:12:43

I haven't seen the film, but l have heard about the scene, where, l think Peter Rabbit throws blackberries at the farmer and he has anaphylaxtic reaction and has to use an epipen. I have children and my friends have children with life threatening allergies and dont find this particular amusing. How did it come across in the film? I told my children about it and they didn't think it was a nice thing to do. As l said l haven't seen the film and l would be interested in your views.

Snoreyhell Sun 18-Mar-18 17:14:43

It looks a bit aggressive on the trailers I've seen. My 3 year old loves Peter Rabbit but they've not really made it suitable for young children.

GaraMedouar Sun 18-Mar-18 18:13:23

@Monny1 - the blackberry incident - it was Flopsy or Mopsy who catapulted it into his throat because he had an allergy, on purpose. They were trying to kill him I think as the man was actively trying to kill the rabbits. (The old Mr McGregor had killed Peter Rabbit’s father and cooked him in a pie - so yes, gruesome I suppose, and not hidden.) However , he used his epipen and survived.
I have a life threatening allergy, and my DS does too with epipen. I went with my DD who doesn’t have an allergy but knows her brother and I do, and I discussed that scene and spoke about the epipen and when it should be used with allergies so it was a discussion and she learnt a bit more about our allergies from it.
It also had electrocution too, where people grabbed electrified fence and shot across the room. Fairly Tom and Jerry ish I suppose, which is in fact quite violent. DD is 7 and was fine.

KittenBeast Sun 18-Mar-18 18:15:42

Saw it today with my 5 year old, it's not had very good reviews but I really quite enjoyed it!

Psychobabble123 Sun 18-Mar-18 18:17:33

It looks a bit aggressive on the trailers I've seen. My 3 year old loves Peter Rabbit but they've not really made it suitable for young children Good grief!! confused

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Sun 18-Mar-18 18:21:52

A film about Peter Rabbit, not suitable for young children confused
Tbh, when I heard James Corden had voiced Peter, I knew there's no way I could sit through it. Why him?

Justabadwife Sun 18-Mar-18 18:24:54

I really want to watch it. They filmed some of it in the village where I live so I want to see how that looks 😊

Lastoftheusernames Sun 18-Mar-18 18:26:23

It's also a film about Peter Rabbit mostly filmed in Australia, featuring mostly Australian actors. When it's not Australia pretending to be the Lakes, it's London. Ambleside features for a few minutes only.

Snoreyhell Sun 18-Mar-18 23:46:36

Well for a start it's rated PG! Why not U given it's likely audience?

Snoreyhell Sun 18-Mar-18 23:47:24


iPhone autocorrect...

KittenBeast Mon 19-Mar-18 12:37:16

Snoreyhell - it's a little upsetting when Peter's dad gets whacked to death by Mr McGregor and then his missus presents a pie to him sad even I nearly cried! blush

Littlelambpeep Mon 19-Mar-18 12:40:50

I thought it was great. even dh liked it. I do agree, they could have left the blackberry scene out though

Snoreyhell Mon 19-Mar-18 19:48:43

Honestly, I think my 3 year old would be upset by that! Such a shame they didn't aim it at its natural audience- i.e. 3 year olds!!

Honeybooboo123 Mon 19-Mar-18 23:58:32

My 4 and 8 year olds loved it.
I loved the General Hux takes up gardening vibe while wearing really good jeans.

Psychobabble123 Tue 20-Mar-18 06:55:31

I don't know any 3 year olds who would have been even remotely upset by that confused

Snoreyhell Tue 20-Mar-18 17:25:10

Makes you wonder why they made it a PG then Psycho doesn't it, if all 3 year olds should be ok with it.

Psychobabble123 Tue 20-Mar-18 18:12:58

Probably to protect themselves from pearl-clutching parents, I should think Snorey.

sillyoldowl Tue 20-Mar-18 18:21:19

My two year old loved it as did my seven year old myself and dh

Snoreyhell Tue 20-Mar-18 20:56:11

They adhere to guidelines about what constitutes a PG psycho that has nothing to do with the clutching of pearls.

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