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What is the worse film you've ever seen

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Cookie4u Sat 17-Feb-18 23:25:44

Buried ( Ryan reynaulds) the entire film is him buried in a coffin and that's it.

gingergiraffe Mon 27-Jan-20 20:39:56

Lobster, Birdman. Cloud Atlas, I loathed them all. Could not escape Cloud Atlas at the cinema without causing a fuss to those around me but did walk out of Birdman. Horrible pretentious actor types.

Did not like Lalaland and avoided Mama Mia.

MyuMe Mon 27-Jan-20 07:24:33


How that crap won the Oscar for best picture I'll never know.

longwayoff Sat 25-Jan-20 15:08:43

I'm halfway through The Phantom Thread on Netflix. Daniel Day Lewis retired from acting after this filmhmm. It has great reviews. It is stunningly dreary. I'm determined to watch to the bitter end but that's not a recommendation.

Childrenofthestones Fri 24-Jan-20 03:15:31

Remake of "The Wicker Man" with Nicholas Cage.

longwayoff Wed 22-Jan-20 09:19:20

Deception, by Torreone, also titled The Best Offer. Watched on streaming at weekend. It looks nice. It's very poor. Save your time.

Marriedtoapenguin Thu 26-Dec-19 20:30:04

@TheSandman I now have the quite inexplicable urge to watch the films you listed. Sometimes you just can't beat utter crap.

Troma. Crap but made with the knowledge that they are going to be crap. Hello Sgt Kabukiman NYPD.

Puma Man. No idea on details but utter utter shit.

Most of the Fulci movies. Great deaths but by Christ they are hard work to watch if you are after decent acting and plots.

NameChangeNugget Mon 23-Dec-19 23:28:45

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Mediaemily Sat 21-Dec-19 12:50:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Egghead68 Mon 02-Dec-19 06:37:19

I love loads of these (the Matrix, Ny Own Private Idaho, Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)! We are all different!

Worst - maybe Avatar.

HappydaysArehere Wed 13-Nov-19 09:13:13

La La Land - couldn’t watch more than half.

peppinanna Thu 31-Oct-19 11:09:28

@bluetongue it was honestly the worst horror I have seen and I have seen A LOT. I just didn't see the relevance of any of it and how it all tied together confused 90 mins of my life I won't get back😂

bluetongue Thu 31-Oct-19 10:13:41

Peppinanna I came on here to add Wounds as well. It was sort of creepy and unsettling in parts but at the end all I could think was ‘what the fuck was that even about’. I still don’t get what on earth those videos on the phone were about.

A couple of days earlier I’d watched Eli on Netflix and while it got some bad reviews I thought it was a very solid for a Netflix horror and was an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

Arhumuk Wed 30-Oct-19 06:32:03

Once upon a time in Hollywood. First time I felt angry coming out of a film because I had needlessly wasted 2 and half hours of my life.

peppinanna Fri 25-Oct-19 22:28:43

I just watched Wounds on Netflix and it was really really bad. There was a Facebook article about how scary it was and it was not remotely scary and had no story line whatsoever I am so confused.
Even more confusing why Dakota Johnson and Arnie Hammer would want to be in it

TooGars Mon 14-Oct-19 14:41:04

AI , Pacific Rim and Ghosts of Mars. Utter drivel the lot of them.

TheSandman Mon 14-Oct-19 02:32:57

Prompted by this thread I've been wandering through my film diary (for the last 12 or so years I've been writing down every film I've seen and what I think of it) wondering what IS the the worst film I have ever seen.

And I found it.

It wasn't, as I first thought, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Teenage girls/rubber dinosaurs, no plot, Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here a film made up, for the most part, of trailers for old movies being shown in a cinema taken over by alien invaders with strange ideas about mind control, or even Spermula - in which French lesbians from outer-space plan to fellate the entire population of the Earth (well the men) to impotence within 24 hours. A film which includes a sequence in which a dwarf shoots down a model aeroplane with a shotgun and someone (possibly a bishop) farts a whole swimming pool of rose petals.

The worst film I have ever seen is... - (drum roll please.....) Zombie Women of Satan ! A British comedy horror from 2009 which is neither (though it is British) - the highlights of Zombie Women of Satan include a nude female wheelchair-bound zombie squirting acid from her nipples, and a prolonged sequence in which we watch a dwarf shitting in the woods... for ages.... It seriously has to be a contender for the worst film ever made. Not an accolade I throw about lightly given the vast number of Women in Prison, Spanish werewolf, Italian science fiction, and Philippine war movies I've watched.

Makes David Lynch look more appealing doesn't it, @sprite25?

Joker0fGotham Sun 13-Oct-19 23:39:22

Suicide Squad

EdWinchester Sun 13-Oct-19 13:57:21

Love Actually - we didn't even make it to the end.

sprite25 Sun 13-Oct-19 09:26:02

Anything made by David Lynch, DH is a fan but christ it's just a load of nonsense and noise trying to be 'arty'

MikeJason Sat 12-Oct-19 05:23:07

The Promise

TheSandman Sat 12-Oct-19 01:34:15

@bringincrazyback Mulholland Drive - inexplicable.

No it isn't inexplicable at all! It's actually very very very simple - the whole action of the film is a dream - the only slightly problematical thing is we're just not sure which character's dream it is - maybe it's a different character's dream each time you watch it. Mulholland Drive is one of my top 100 films of all time. I love the sense of bewilderment it gives me. Why do films have to have a linear narrative? A beginning, a middle, and an end (in that order) all neatly conforming to the Hollywood formula three act structure? They don't. That's what's so great about them.

TheSandman Sat 12-Oct-19 01:12:08

I haven't read through the whole thread, so I may be missing something, but most of the films that people are listing here seem to me to be watchable to varying degrees. There are a lot of films that have been mention that I think are just crap but at least they were shot in focus by people who had some idea - on a technical level - what they were doing.

For really bad films you need to dig deeper. There are people out there, believe it or not, who make Edward D Wood Jr - the writer director of the sublimely godawful Plan 9 From Outer Space look like David Lean.

If you want real shite I suggest you all check out the oeuvres of Al Adamson ( Psycho a Go-Go ), Ted V Mikels ( Astro-zombies ), Ted Olen Ray ( Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet ), Godfrey Ho ( Ninja Terminator ) Jerry Warren ( Teenage Zombies ), etc. etc.

When you've watched as much of that kind of crap as I have most of the films mentioned on this thread look like works of genius. Just 'cos you didn't like them doesn't mean they are bad.

peppinanna Thu 10-Oct-19 17:06:30

Saw ready or not recently in the cinema it was really awful - no plot whatsoever was more like a comedy! A very poorly executed horror

FreshwaterBay Sat 05-Oct-19 15:51:24

Enemy Mine

A 1980's film about a spaceship from earth that collides with an alien craft and both crash land on the same deserted planet. The male pilot of the alien craft is pregnant and they both become friends and raise the baby.


YellowSpirit Sat 05-Oct-19 09:36:59

All the horror movies that my husband likes to watch

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