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Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

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yawning801 Wed 14-Feb-18 20:37:10

Excited? Due for release on July 20th I believe. From the trailer we can conclude that they've put in Angeleyes and Fernando, and Cher.

Slartybartfast Thu 15-Feb-18 08:11:49

oh not for ages [stomps foot]

flapjackfairy Thu 15-Feb-18 08:16:39

I seem to be the only person on the planet who really dislikes this film. Whenever i dare to express that opinion i am met wirh howls of protest and incredulity. I must be a freak but i have sat through it twice with dds who wanted me to watch it and once on a bus trip. It made the trip feel v long ! I just dont get the love for it myself but yawning july will be here before you can blink so hope you and all fellow mm lovers enjoy it !

MusicToMyEars800 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:38:06

I loved he first one so will definitely be watching this one grin

yawning801 Thu 05-Apr-18 14:15:26

Release date is getting closer! Let's hope we get some better weather before then...

Louise56 Sat 05-May-18 06:23:56

you're not alone - I didn't care for it either. HEaring Abba mangled by people who can't sing was painful, not to mention they were far too old for the parts they were playing - Streep's character is meant to be about forty - I don't think so.

eggsandchips Sun 06-May-18 05:45:53

The trailer was vomit inducing - not my cup of tea but I am tempted to see what it's like as it is popular...

AndhowcouldIeverrefuse Sun 06-May-18 05:52:16

Another hater here sorry! I love ABBA and can't stand Mamma Mia... horrified at the thought of a new film does it have Summer Night City in it? grin

Brendaofbeechhouse Sun 06-May-18 14:44:20

I didn't see the first film because I saw the trailer. I have now seen the trailer for the 2nd film and it made me inexplicably angry.

To summarise, hugging squealing, bonding, a bit of dancing , a good looking chap, and loads of botox. I also saw the trailer for Bookclub, and that looks like a pile of shit as well.

Riversleep Thu 10-May-18 08:09:37

What's bookclub? I thought the first film was silly and a bit shit but I still enjoyed it 😁This sounds similar but with weird looking blokes in it. I'll probably go and see it.

Brendaofbeechhouse Thu 10-May-18 19:34:55

Book club, four women of a certain age, who have not had sex for a long time read Fifty shades of Gray. Much hilarity, and comical reaction shots follow. I would rather poke my eyeballs out with a blunt biro than watch it.

raisedbyguineapigs Thu 10-May-18 19:41:31

Jeez that sounds horrific!!! I thought you meant Guernsey Literary potato pie society because it is yet another film with Lily James in. (I like her but she seems to be in every film I see) That was a wasted opportunity for a film if ever there was one! Where they could have told a story about the German occupation of Guernsey, they just made a twee film about a rich girl who leaves her rich fiance for a pig farmer in the country, because that happens all the time in real life hmm

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