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The Last Jedi

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scrabble1 Tue 12-Dec-17 21:29:43

Off to see this in IMAX on Thursday morning!

ladymelbourne1926 Wed 13-Dec-17 14:04:18

I'm seeing it tomorrow too, very excited!

MephistophelesApprentice Wed 13-Dec-17 14:05:32

6am tomorrow, can't wait!

Dozer Wed 13-Dec-17 21:58:24

Exciting! No spoilers or spoilers on here once it’s out?

scrabble1 Thu 14-Dec-17 13:45:23

Wow. Go and see it!!

MephistophelesApprentice Thu 14-Dec-17 13:52:34

Saw it at 6am!

I personally thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think I'll need to see how all three movies hang together before I can say if it's truly great or not.

CornflakeHomunculus Thu 14-Dec-17 14:41:05

I went to a midnight showing of it last night and I hated it.

It was far, far too long and felt every single one of those 152 minutes. There were too many plot lines that the film kept haphazardly cutting between, at least one of which was completely superfluous and did nothing to advance the overall plot or further develop any characters. The writing was poor, there was far too much expository dialogue and it was often delivered badly. The attempts at humour were absolutely cringeworthy and in many cases those scenes lasted way too long, further bloating the film. The design was weak (especially alien creatures) and some of the effects were extremely ropey. Pretty much the only plot device in use was “bait and switch”, setting things up so they look like they’re going one way only to do the opposite. Occasionally we got a double switch so what originally looked like it was going to happen kind of did. There were far too many callbacks and they were much more intrusive than the ones in TFA, there was some dialogue very clearly based on stuff from the original trilogy and there’s a ship based scene remarkably close to a bit from ROTJ. The characters didn’t feel like the same ones from TFA, especially Poe who seems to have turned into a mansplainy dickhead.

There were a few bits I kind of liked. I don’t think the overall plot was bad, it would have been nice to see it done well. I liked the amount of women in the film (I do have a major gripe related to this, don’t want to get into spoilers though), nice to see they didn’t fall into the Rogue One trap. Without the pointless side story, rubbish design and awkward “jokes”, kept to a reasonable length and with decent writing/directing I think it would have been really good. As it is though it’s a pretty poor attempt at a Star Wars film. Not as bad as the prequels but I enjoyed it far less than I did Rogue One which was itself a very flawed film.

ladymelbourne1926 Thu 14-Dec-17 18:37:12

I've just seen it, are we spoilering or not on this thread? I wanna talk about it smile really enjoyed it.

FreeNiki Thu 14-Dec-17 22:05:29

Oh god 152 minutes?!

Think I'll see it in a recliner screen

Davros Thu 14-Dec-17 22:28:58

Waiting to go in for 10.45pm show at BFI IMAX. Looking forward to it .... if I can stay awake!! DD is a big fan, I do t mind a bit if Sciifi and fx

ButchyRestingFace Fri 15-Dec-17 12:02:11

6am tomorrow, can't wait!

That’s keen! shockgrin

Hoping to see it today.

I’ve already been spoiled to fuck though so...

scrabble1 Fri 15-Dec-17 16:04:56

You might like the Jedi Council Forum. Great place to chat about everything Star Wars

Lionso Fri 15-Dec-17 16:12:40

It was awful. The worst Star Wars film apart from Attack of the Clones. Johnson has practically ignored all the nice threads left at the end of the Force Awakens and completely wasted them.
Awful use of Mark Hamill too.

2/10 for me.

RainyDaisy Fri 15-Dec-17 16:23:55

It's a 12A right?

My 9 year old son has been invited to see it as a birthday treat for his friend. He's more mature than he was, but still quite sensitive. He's not seen any 12A films before and I won't be going.

Can you,please tell me if there's anything massively scary or emotionally upsetting!

Thank you

ButchyRestingFace Fri 15-Dec-17 16:25:32

It was awful. The worst Star Wars film apart from Attack of the Clones

Don’t say that! I’m going in in 20 minutes, troops! wink

ButchyRestingFace Fri 15-Dec-17 16:28:02

Can you,please tell me if there's anything massively scary or emotionally upsetting!

I have read about a potentially upsetting event.

I’ll let you know in 3 hours whether I was 😭 or 🤣.

RainyDaisy Fri 15-Dec-17 16:42:38

Ah Butchy that's interesting. If you have time (and can be bothered) could you please PM me and let me know. Thank you so much (and sorry for hijacking the thread OP)

ButchyRestingFace Fri 15-Dec-17 16:45:21

Will do. 👍

Lweji Fri 15-Dec-17 16:45:50

Tomorrow after lunch.

The fluffy one doesn't bode well, but fingers crossed.

ASDismynormality Fri 15-Dec-17 16:49:55

I went to the midnight showing and thought it was great!

Lweji Sat 16-Dec-17 23:13:09

It could have been shorter, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Is there a thread for spoilers?

nooka Sun 17-Dec-17 02:44:27

Incredibly disappointing.

colleysmill Sun 17-Dec-17 07:30:35

I really enjoyed it too. Worth booking comfy seats and 3d if it's an option.

NormHonal Sun 17-Dec-17 08:38:28

If they had cut the last 15 minutes and left a cliffhanger I'd have been excited to see the next one.

But they didn't and I'm not.

I was SO excited after The Force Awakens, my mind was buzzing with questions. I'm not sure I care enough now.

Lweji Sun 17-Dec-17 08:43:38

I don't agree with the cliffhanger. It works as a movie on its own and sets the scene nicely for a third and many character developments from the new generation.
It's not a TV series.

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