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Horror fans! Please recommend a good ghost story film

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UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 09:37:03


I am looking forward to the release of Ghost Stories next April:

Looks very good from the trailer, and the theatre version is said to be very good.

I love MR James, Woman in Black and all the classic style ghost stories. Also love The Ring, Paranormal Activity series, and anything Stephen King.

I don’t like anything very gory or that has excessive violence/torture in it, do not find that entertaining whatsoever. Having said that, I did enjoy and highly recommend The Last Shift (which was fairly gory but not ott)

What are your favourite ghost story style films? I am looking for good scary films to watch on dark and gloomy nights!

Thanks so much.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 09:45:39

Not ghost story but Stranger Things on Netflix is awesome. We binge watched Series one in a weekend and now onto series two.

It's set in the 80s and a homage to 80s films like the goonies, stand by me, ET. It's heavily influenced by Stephen King novels.

The child actors in it are incredible and the characters have depth which is refreshing. I'm hooked!

It's not gore in the slightest. (I hate gore).

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 09:50:21

Thanks smile
I’ve heard good things about Stranger Things, will give that a go as we have Netflix.

Tartanwellies Sat 04-Nov-17 09:52:01

What lies beneath is my all time favourite

Thankyoucomeagain Sat 04-Nov-17 09:53:03

Room 1408

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 09:53:37

Here's the trailer for episode 1 of Stranger Things.

Winona Ryder is also brilliant in it.

HateSummer Sat 04-Nov-17 09:55:47

You’ll enjoy The Conjuring and Annabelle. Insidious is very good too. The old poltergeist films are pretty scary.

Stranger Things is just brilliant. I finished season 2 this morning and wow. I wouldn’t say it’s horror but definitely give it a go.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 09:55:51

Cross posts! You won't be disappointed. If you like classic horror I don't see how it's even possible not to like Stranger Things!

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 09:58:40

Sure it's not horror by modern shit scary standards but it's heavily influenced by classic 80s horror films.

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 10:02:17

Some great suggestions thanks!
I would LOVE to watch room 1408. Shame it’s not on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I will have to hunt down the dvd.
Love Insidious 1 and 2, need to see no. 3.
What lies beneath is excellent, watched that some years back.
Loved the Conjuring but have yet to see Annabelle.

I watched GhostWatch yesterday, the BBC Halloween programme from 1992. I watched some of it at the time (was only 9). It’s pretty good, looks naff now by today’s standards, but can see how people were scared at the time.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sat 04-Nov-17 10:03:15

The Others is my absolute favourite

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 10:03:29

One of my favourite ghost story films is The Others. It's not a scary film but it's exactly a ghost story in film.

DP wasn't so keen though as he guessed the twist early on!

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 10:04:44

Cross post!

It's great isn't it!

crazymissdaisy Sat 04-Nov-17 10:13:26

The Awakening is so atmospheric, it's set just after ww1, in a haunted boys boarding school, there's sexual tension, a frightening dolls house a good plot and the very attractive dominic West. I love M R James too so I think you would like it. Also tv series on Netflix - originally bbc- called the living and the dead. It stars the guy who was Merlin, as a psychologist in late Victorian manor house, it has haunting music and strange pagan folklore e.g. harvest customs, there's a different ghost every week but also a unifying story arc. I binge watched it last week and it is perfect for this time of year.

byronicheroine Sat 04-Nov-17 10:18:14

I just watched The Boy which was much better than I expected (if you ignore that fact it is supposed to be set in "England")

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 10:20:24

Loved The Others and Living and the Dead. Was a shame they decided not to do series 2 of the Living and the Dead. There was a clear hint at the end of series 1 (won’t spoil it) that indicated there might be a second series.
I also liked the Sixth Sense and Devil (M Night Shyamalan)

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 10:20:59

(Goes off to grab notepad to write down all your suggestions!) grin

Shehz21 Sat 04-Nov-17 10:24:39

I really liked An American Haunting.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 10:44:36

DP says his all time favourite is The Shiny

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 10:44:56

Ha stupid phone sorry!

The Shining!

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sat 04-Nov-17 10:47:47

Old film, The Innocents, based on The Turn of the Screw (The Others was loosely based on the same).

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 11:41:16

The shiny lol
I bet there is really a film called that though grin

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 04-Nov-17 11:42:46

Have seen the Turn of the Screw at the theatre, it was excellent.
Be interesting to see a film version of it to see how it compares.

LemonadeWithACherry Sat 04-Nov-17 11:55:31

The Orphanage and The Devil's Backbone are fantastic ghost stories, both Guillermo del Toro with subtitles if you don't mind them. I feel they add to the atmosphere somehow.

I adore classic horror and ghost stories, but I have to say I was very ambivalent about Stranger Things. I got to the penultimate episode and then decided I'd wasted enough time on something I didn't care much about. I thought the main girl and Winona Ryder were both quite bad actually. But I know I'm in a minority here! smile

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 04-Nov-17 12:03:21

Haha - what would the plot be?

The Shiny - a psychological thriller - a posessed magpie and his descent into madness

The Shiny - beware bald men - all is not what it seems!

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