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What should I watch?

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2wild Sat 09-Sep-17 19:29:21

On my own. Netflix Amazon or now tv.
I can't choose.
A film or start a new box set binge. Any recommendations. Thanks.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sat 09-Sep-17 19:42:12

What have you enjoyed recently?

I usually prefer boxsets to films

2wild Sat 09-Sep-17 19:59:52

I'm very varied I watched Things from Boosh, stranger things, to pretty little liars.

I like drama but not Horror or Action and guns stuff.
I love deep films like colour purple but also thought bad mom was good.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sat 09-Sep-17 20:08:54

Hm. Tricky. I'm probably not the best to recommend as quite enjoy crime and action stuff!

2wild Sat 09-Sep-17 20:17:33

Thanks anyway. I'm going through that thread of what not to watch. 😄 it's not helping lol.

ItchyFoot Sat 09-Sep-17 20:19:49

I'm currently watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. There's 3 seasons so far. Outlander on Amazon is brilliant.
Film wise I'd watch Sisters which I think is still in now tv

2wild Sat 09-Sep-17 20:55:02

Thank you Itchyfoot. They look good.

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 09-Sep-17 21:34:27

2wild Sisters is brilliant, I recommend watching that if you haven't seen it.

2wild Sun 10-Sep-17 09:41:22

Watched sisters last night. It was very funny thanks.

ItchyFoot Sun 10-Sep-17 09:53:52

Glad you enjoyed it. I watched it in the middle of the night when then newborn dd2 wasn't sleeping. It reminded me of one of the many reasons we'd decided to have a second and put a smile on my face when I was exhausted!

alexbbb Thu 14-Sep-17 17:33:26

I can recommend you Baby Driver ( ). It's surely one of the best movies of 2017 . It's a movie that is really hard to compare to any other movie from these genres. Well worth watching twicesmile

Liliywil Tue 03-Oct-17 20:51:12

I kind of prefer to watch horror or Alien movies. I'd recommend Alien: Covenant following , Prometheus I and Cult of Chucky is also not bad. Also you should try Annabelle: Creation, it freaked me out!!

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