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If you're NOT Scottish, what did you think of T2?

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AgentProvocateur Wed 30-Aug-17 23:12:52

I watched this again at the weekend. I absolutely loved it, but wondered what you thought of, e.g., the Rangers Supporters Club/1690 bank card scam if you weren't Scottish. And did you want/need subtitles? DH, DS and I were roaring with laughter, while Welsh DS's GF didn't crack a smile. She said she "didn't understand it"

Roomba Wed 30-Aug-17 23:19:56

I loved it, and as my ex was from Edinburgh I totally 'got' that scene so was in hysterics. My friends, who had no background knowledge of the whole 1690 thing, were just confused and thought that bit was an odd inclusion that slowed the film down. I had to explain a bit to them afterwards.

FretYeNotAllIsShiny Wed 30-Aug-17 23:20:34

I can't remember the reasoning behind the Rangers supporters club scam now, but it made sense when I watched it at the cinema. I really enjoyed the film, and understood most of it but I watch most films with subtitles on just as a preference.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:22:47

I loved that scene

It was probably my favourite

But then i am a very lapsed catholic grin

Must buy myself a copy

NC4now Wed 30-Aug-17 23:24:14

I loved it. I'm not Scottish. I was 18 when the first Trainspotting came out. With Facebook etc there has been a lot of running into people from 20 years ago. T2 was like that. Catching up with old faces.

I don't think you have to be Scottish to get the Celtic/Rangers or 1690 stuff. Just be reasonably aware of the world.

I can't see how anyone who enjoyed the first film couldn't love T2.

NC4now Wed 30-Aug-17 23:24:40

Actually, Catholic upbringing here too!

Civilsoot Wed 30-Aug-17 23:27:13

I thought it was once of the best scenes in the film. Don't know much about Rangers history other than their rivalry with Celtic but didn't feel that you needed to know more than that to 'get it'. I thought it was hilarious.

I also really liked the very small moment at the end when they're in the night club and the young crowd are doing a synchronised dance to Run D MC and it zooms in on Begbie's bewildered face. In that one moment it conveyed the passing of time and how the characters have aged very well.

I really enjoyed the film. More light hearted than the original which I think it needed to be.

NikiBabe Wed 30-Aug-17 23:46:21

I'm of Scottish descent but never lived there. Don't really understand the dialect.

But T2 wasn't a problem for me. The accents are fine the 1690 scam was explained well so I dont think anyone wouldn't have got it. Didn't need subtitles.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Wed 30-Aug-17 23:47:40

Loved it!

sakura06 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:56:02

Loved it and thought the 1690 scam was the best part of the film!

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 05-Sep-17 09:39:43

Loved it and laughed so much through the film, the scam scene was definitely one of the best.
I'm not Scottish either.

AgentProvocateur Tue 05-Sep-17 14:03:18

Sorry - I started this thread when I was drunk and forgot all about it blush I'm so glad you all loved it. (And it proves, as I suspected, that DS's GF is humourless wink)

NikiBarbie Thu 07-Sep-17 22:35:11

It was the best bit in the film.

ladystarkers Fri 08-Sep-17 06:57:51

My husband is a Scot. I enjoyed it.

TheDrsDocMartens Fri 08-Sep-17 07:35:05

Loved it!

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 08-Sep-17 08:04:34

I liked the film but not as much as the first one. T2 seemed a bit commercial and a bit, dare I say, twee in its plot, as if all ends needed to be nicely tied up for closure. The follow up book to trainspotting is much darker. It seemed to have the trademark Welsh grittiness but interspersed with a more commercially appealing 'something' that i can't put my finger on somehow.
McGregor is too wolffish to be clean, he plays a great junkie. And how the hell did he get in touch with Dianne, now a lawyer- that was just not mentioned except 'you're gonna need a good lawyer' and bang, there she was. Odd. Love spud, but he makes my skin crawl and my teeth itch with impending doom as he is so vulnerable.

Overall I liked it. I just wish it didn't feel like such a money making enterprise capitalising on 20 years, and felt more like a genuine sequel. I think T1 was compete in its incomplete-ness; I haven't spent the last 20 years wondering about Renton , as I could probably imagine where a junkie with 16k would end up. I felt a sequel was unnecessary.

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 08-Sep-17 08:14:52

And I'm not Scottish, didn't need subtitles though.

I thought the bank card/ 1690 scam was unrealistic and humorous but just contributed to the 'twee' feel, I felt.

IAmALeafOnTheWindWatchHowISoar Fri 08-Sep-17 14:57:12

I read the title and was wondering what being Scottish had to do with liking Terminator 2 😀

AgentProvocateur Fri 08-Sep-17 16:07:08

grin @ IAmALeaf...

CorporalNobbyNobbs Sat 09-Sep-17 09:29:00

I'm Irish so got the 1690 thing. I liked the film, not as dark as T1.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 17-Sep-17 16:35:00

I'm Scottish. I thought TS1 was quite funny at the time but now dislike it a lot. I can't stand Irvine Welsh, have not read any of this books and have not seen TS2.

I absolutely hate the idea that Scotland as a whole is rife with Catholic/Protestant sectarianusm- Glasgow- sort yourself out and don't tar everyone with the same brush.

My family are Catholics in the north east of Scotland. Scotland retained a significant pre-Reformation Catholic population, including parts of Banffshire, the Hebrides, and more northern parts of the Scottish Highlands. To suggest the sectarian culture of Glasgow and surrounding area as a national identity is wrong. 1690 means nothing to me.

backaftera2yearbreak Sun 17-Sep-17 16:58:31

Loved it.

cheminotte Sat 30-Sep-17 22:13:17

Loved it too

MaximumVolume Sat 30-Sep-17 22:16:04

I also thought this was about Terminator! 😁

marymoosmum Tue 14-Nov-17 00:47:57

I'm not from Scotland and I loved it. That bit had me me crying with laughter. I didn't need subtitles for either of the Trainspottin films can understand it perfectly well, but I love me a good Scottish accent.

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