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Four Weddings and a Funeral

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lucydogz Mon 28-Aug-17 22:45:17

Anyone else watching? I remember loving it, but now I just can't see what he sees in Aimee MacDonald at all.

BossWitch Mon 28-Aug-17 22:46:05


grafittiartist Mon 28-Aug-17 22:58:27

Yes- watching- a blast from the past! How cruel she is- really unkind to him. Poor fiancé- I can't watch!

LineysRun Mon 28-Aug-17 23:01:55

The Carrie character is very manipulative. Charles is a knob.

expatinscotland Mon 28-Aug-17 23:04:17

Charles is a wanker. The whole thing is so stupidly contrived I have no idea why anyone thought it was good.

maudeismyfavouritepony Mon 28-Aug-17 23:05:00

She is a man's woman- and gets off on him really liking her by taking him shopping for wedding gowns and a run down of her sexual partners. Then she turns up at his wedding!

Imagine that as a problem on Relationships?

grafittiartist Mon 28-Aug-17 23:07:44

I'm so cross at her! And now it's that stupid line about the rain!

BossWitch Mon 28-Aug-17 23:07:54

Oh god they're all such wankers! I had clearly forgotten the details of the characters.

C0untDucku1a Mon 28-Aug-17 23:09:01

Well ive enjoyed it this evening.

highinthesky Mon 28-Aug-17 23:09:40

Isn't it Andie McDowell? For some reason she's always reminded me of Dot Cotton.

AvoidingCallenetics Mon 28-Aug-17 23:12:21

She is an appalling actress - so wooden!
Horrible, manipulative character in the film - I know duck face was a pita, but she really didn't deserve to be so publicly jilted.

expatinscotland Mon 28-Aug-17 23:14:50

Charles is a twat, too. It's also sad, the woman who played Scarlett died from asthma and she was only 33.

Willow2017 Mon 28-Aug-17 23:18:15

Watched it too. Yes the Carrie Charles thing is wimpy but I just love all the other characters, the one liners etc.
The whole 'what is love?' thing.
John Hannahs speech gets me every time sad

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 28-Aug-17 23:21:28

My favourite film. I went to see it at the pictures 3 times when it came out. I was 14 and fell in love with Hugh Grant and Marti Pellow because of this film. DH indulges me by putting it on every now and then.

LineysRun Mon 28-Aug-17 23:44:17

I kept waiting for that Welsh bloke to come on, but that was Notting Hill.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Mon 28-Aug-17 23:47:44

That's made me very sad expat. Despite not remember seeing her in anything else she's my favourite character in the film.

lucydogz Tue 29-Aug-17 07:38:17

Yes Andie McDowell. It's like Love Actually for me, with good bits interspersed with awful bits. What I can't understand is how Charles can be the brother of Scarlets.

hippyhippyshake Tue 29-Aug-17 07:53:51

They're not brother and sister they just share a flat. Charles has a brother but I can't think of his name. I only watch it for the closing sequence which shows who they all ended up with.

Willow2017 Tue 29-Aug-17 12:59:00

Charles and David are brothers. He is only flat sharing with Scarlett.

MorrisZapp Tue 29-Aug-17 13:04:00

Watched it, loved the cringe inducing nineties wedding wear.

It's the disparate nature of the friendship group that annoys me. Most people are best friends with ex school or uni mates, or work colleagues of a similar age.

Not random poshos twenty years older than them. It rings very untrue. And by the way I googled the age difference between Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. She's only three years older than him. I honestly thought it was much more.

gabsdot Fri 01-Sep-17 13:02:37

How dare you all Criticise 4 weddings and funeral. It is a masterpiece. One of my all time favourite films.

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I got married in 1994, the year the film came out. I even copied Henrietta's hair wreath thing and wore something similar on my head and I listened to the soundtrack full blast the morning of my wedding while getting ready.

"Going to the Chapel and we're gonna get married...."

gabsdot Fri 01-Sep-17 13:05:27

Apparently there is a deleted scene which explains the friendships.
Charles and Fiona and Matthew were friends at university.
Gareth was their lecturer and him and Matthew had a relationship. Tom is Fiona's brother and Scarlett was found under the table at Charles fat after a party and never went home.

LouiseBrooks Fri 01-Sep-17 13:08:18

Kristen Scott-Thomas was the best thing in it.

Liliywil Sat 07-Oct-17 18:40:16

This came years ago. I remember this! "Love Is All Around" movie.
I think I was fourteen when I watched it. I can remember feeling that the plot was stupid back then. lol. Cannot remember much of it except Hugh Grant. Must watch it again to refresh my memory of it because I love the song.

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