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loopyloppy Mon 05-Jun-17 20:58:54

Surprised there isn't a thread on this yet, apologies if I missed it.

What did you think?

It wasn't the feminist hoorah I thought it would be.

Fell asleep twice and thought it was a bit shit if I'm honest.

FreeNiki Tue 06-Jun-17 12:09:20

There's one right next to the one you posted.

CaptainCanaryLove Tue 06-Jun-17 12:19:29

I think that thread was more focused on whether it was suitable or not for people's children, and their kids' reactions to it FreeNiki.

Haven't seen it yet sorry op, and won't be as we don't get to go to the cinema much. I will probably rent it when it comes out on Amazon.

Interested to hear what other women here thought of it though.

TheChampagneGalop Tue 06-Jun-17 15:31:38

I was pleasantly surprised. I expected nothing, and her outfit is frankly silly. But it was engaging and fun.
Don't know if it can be called feminist but definitely a positive movie for women. I liked the amazon island.

Loopyloppy Tue 06-Jun-17 15:42:01

The outfit irritated me.

As did the random Indian, Turk etc.

I can't remember too much as I was a little tipsy. grin

It was the first film I'd seen in nearly 5 years so maybe had built it up too much ha.

I did love the Amazon island. They should have just stayed there.

AntiopeofThemyscira Tue 06-Jun-17 22:21:26

I absolutely loved it and so did DS - 14. I loved all the amazons training and fighting at the beginning. My favourite super hero movie so far.

schrutefarmbeets Tue 06-Jun-17 22:22:59

I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely loved it (and her silly costume!).

Did not love the 5 year old boy sat in front of me so much...

MrsFinkelstein Tue 06-Jun-17 22:49:09

I really enjoyed it and felt it was pretty empowering.

dataandspot Fri 09-Jun-17 16:42:27

Liked. It but thought it was an hour too long!

Loopyloppy Fri 09-Jun-17 20:06:52

I thought it was way too long! We went to a 10pm showing so I just wanted to leave half way through. May have clouded my judgement.

sakura06 Mon 12-Jun-17 11:50:31

I absolutely loved it! I could've watched it again straight after. One of my favourite films of the year so far. I thought Gal Gadot was superb. Action superstar!

bambambini Sun 02-Jul-17 23:31:35

Enjoyed it, the start on the island was fabulous and GG snd CP lovely to look at - her outfit on the battlefield did annoy me a bit though.

MsAmerica Mon 03-Jul-17 21:00:33

I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not generally a fan of super-hero movies at all, and I thought this was the best I've seen in quite a while.

I don't considering it empowering at all since it's divorced from reality (by the way, written by men!), but I thought it was a good production, incorporated some humor - and Gal Gadot as WW was great casting. Not only is she beautiful, but really has the physicality to make it convincing. (I never watched the TV version, but I recently saw bits of Lynda Canter reruns, and she looks too insubstantial to even carry her own heavy luggage.) I gather that Gadot was actually in the army, and she's pretty convincing.

BethennyFrankel Mon 10-Jul-17 00:07:03

I thought it was shit too and I also fell asleep

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