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Cars 3 - 12A rating ?

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Andthenshesmiles Sat 20-May-17 20:34:02

Anyone else going to have a very disappointed DS/DD due to rating ?

BubbleBed Sat 20-May-17 20:35:28

You can still take them can't you? I thought a 12a was an advisory, so children can still view with an adult?

BubbleBed Sat 20-May-17 20:36:21

You can take your DC

Isadora2007 Sat 20-May-17 20:40:17

FFS! What is it with bloody film producers making kids films gory/gritty and making them 12As? Bloody Power Rangers? How many over 10s ever actually watch that? And same with the Ninja Turtle movie. Now Cars? Actual Disney Pixar? It's fecking ridiculous.

DubiousCredentials Sat 20-May-17 20:46:48

Maybe they are aiming it at the children who were tinies when the first two films came out? I'm clutching at straws really aren't I. Ds is 10 and was a huge fan of cars and cars 2 but although he wouldn't watch 3 at the cinema I expect he'd secretly enjoy it if we watched it at home.

Andthenshesmiles Sat 20-May-17 20:56:42

Maybe not confirmed rating yet, but listed as 12A by showcase at the moment, probably not suitable for 4 yo then !

TheweewitchRoz Sat 20-May-17 20:59:49

That's ridiculous - very annoying. There's no need to make it 12A as it could easily be a PG angry

ScarlettFreestone Sat 20-May-17 21:01:22

That's a strange decision!

dementedpixie Sat 20-May-17 21:04:34

I don't think it will be 12A tbh

dementedpixie Sat 20-May-17 21:06:01

Just says tbc on vue cinema website

Ethelswith Sat 20-May-17 21:09:09

My DS was in the 'target' age when Cars first came out.

He's taking his GCSEs now.

The idea that a franchise 'grows up' with its audience isn't that strange.

Isadora2007 Sat 20-May-17 21:43:31

But the young adults can easily enjoy the nostalgia of a franchise whilst it remains accessible to the new generations. Look at Toy Story...

TheweewitchRoz Sat 20-May-17 21:56:40

Completely agree Isadora.

PatriciaHolm Sat 27-May-17 18:49:48

It's a PG.

TheweewitchRoz Sat 27-May-17 18:57:45


guitarguy2112 Fri 02-Jun-17 12:52:53

It doesn't have an age rating yet - the trailers are rated U and PG.

There's no way it will be a 12A as it's a Disney cartoon - why would they want to stop their target audience from seeing it?

Star Wars and POTC are Disney films that are rated 12A but they are far more violent and aimed at a slightly older target audience.

Cars will be a U or PG like the first two.

LiveLongAndProspero Fri 02-Jun-17 12:54:59

It's a G rating.

guitarguy2112 Fri 02-Jun-17 12:58:59

^ G is an American rating.

With that in mind it will definitely be a U here. American's are oddly strict with their PG rating, even giving it to the tamest Pixar cartoons (e.g. Finding Dory and Inside Out, which both got a U in the UK). Barely anything gets a G anymore which highlights how broken the American ratings system is.

If it's a G in America it's guaranteed to be a U in the UK.

guitarguy2112 Fri 02-Jun-17 13:00:52

* Americans. Didn't mean to put the apostrophe there.

Hulababy Sun 16-Jul-17 20:35:47

Its a U at all the cinemas round here, and a G (equivalent of a U) in the US.

Hulababy Sun 16-Jul-17 20:36:55

BBFC have updated their PG to a U now too

bimbobaggins Sun 16-Jul-17 23:15:43

12 a means children can go if accompanied by an adult

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