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Alien Covenant

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FreeNiki Sat 29-Apr-17 20:42:53

I have rewatched Prometheus a couple of times and booked a special advance screening.

Is anyone else as excited?


ButtMuncher Sat 29-Apr-17 20:45:25

Me! But I absolutely loathed Prometheus so I'm hoping beyond hope that this film is more like the originals grin

FreeNiki Sat 29-Apr-17 21:06:17

Prometheus grew on me. I wasn't keen when I first saw it.

Have you seen the after Prometheus footage?

ButtMuncher Mon 01-May-17 03:57:15

No, I haven't - should I? Would it make the film better? The only thing I liked about it was Michael Fassbender grin

I just couldn't get over the scientists doing really non-Scientist things. I'm going to watch it again though as I was pregnant and hormonal when I watched it the first time blush

FreeNiki Tue 02-May-17 04:18:36

Yeah they all acted so recklessly on that mission.

The extra footage is Covenant but you can find it on YouTube now.

It shows you what happened to David and Shaw after Prometheus

rightsofwomen Tue 02-May-17 05:09:35

grinI am scrolling through 'active threads' and before seeing what topic this is under I thought "Alien Covenant" was a baby name suggestion.

attempts more sleep

FreeNiki Tue 02-May-17 11:11:39

Has a certain ring to it for a name 😁

FreeNiki Tue 02-May-17 11:15:31

This is the bonus footage of after Prometheus.

No spoilers for covenant in it at all.

FreeNiki Thu 11-May-17 23:33:21

It was awesome! I want to see it in IMAX now.

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 14-May-17 00:14:17

me and OH are going to watch It in the cinema grin I will probably be shitting myself through it all, it's the jumps I don't like I am a chicken shit

NurseButtercup Sun 14-May-17 16:54:38

I watched mark kermodes review on YouTube and he didn't rate it confused

I was only going to drool at Michael Fassbender (I know I know don't shoot me). Does anybody know how much screen time sexy Fassbender get's in this film, could be enough of a reason to persuade me to go and watch

FreeNiki Mon 15-May-17 01:35:35

There are two of him buttercup. Two androids he plays. He is a very major character. Plenty of drools

TheHiphopopotamus Sat 20-May-17 16:48:27

Michael Fassbender was excellent but the rest of it was utter gubbins. I don't think I've been as disappointed in a film for ages and I've never rolled my eyes as hard at a film as I have at this one.

Not sure how spoilery we can get, but the crew of the Covenant were as thick as pigshit. Every single one.

And half the cinema burst out laughing at 'I'll do the fingering'. (Not me, I'm not that childish, but come on...).

It is a truly, truly terrible film.

Beelost Fri 09-Jun-17 16:30:55

I actually don't like such films but after watching this one I feel really involved. I even found webcams and 3D simulation at It might be interesting but it just won't work with my PC. I might have to install some plug-ins etc... but I don't understand much about it((((

Aridane Sat 11-Nov-17 21:28:34

Another sci fi film with ridiculously stupid scientists (a bit like ‘Life’) jettisoning a colonisation trip planned for many years on the off chance a close previously undetected planet might support life and be a better alternative to the much reasearched intended destination.

And thought the explanation of how the aliens came into existence took away from the Aline franchise.

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