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The Ghost in the Shell

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FreeNiki Fri 31-Mar-17 01:34:56

Seeing it tomorrow. Anyone else planning?

MikeandLor Fri 31-Mar-17 10:12:44

Hi Niki,

Mike saw it yesterday and thought it was good, but a bit shallow. Are you planning on taking kids? We wrote a review (link below) which details scenes that may be unsuitable.

Virtually no bad language, little sexuality (although this is implied) but lots of (mostly bloodless) violence and urghy cyborg bits!

Hope that helps.

FreeNiki Fri 31-Mar-17 11:12:58

Just me going. Didnt realise it was under a 15 rating which is disappointing.

FreeNiki Fri 31-Mar-17 14:00:36

That went well the screens got power cuts. No film. Will see it another day.

MikeandLor Fri 31-Mar-17 16:39:32

The power went out?? How unlucky!

I've had that once and we got given vouchers for a free showing next time. Did you get anything?

VeryButchyRestingFace Fri 31-Mar-17 21:08:30

I didn't like it.

That dude's 👀 freaked me the hell out.

And... shouldn't SJ's character have been Japanese?

FreeNiki Fri 31-Mar-17 21:44:42

They are allegedly emailing vouchers for next time but not received yet.

Apparently the creator wasn't bothered by a white actress as he said she is a cyborg and the anime didnt look specifically Japanese.

I am a bit confused that they make these films unsuitable for 12 year olds so there is a limit as to how far they can go with it.

FreeNiki Fri 31-Mar-17 21:45:04


Stripyhoglets Fri 31-Mar-17 23:48:01

Enjoyed it - visually stunning and although the plot wasn't complicated I enjoyed it for that reason.

Davros Sat 01-Apr-17 22:01:59

DD (14) and I both enjoyed it but a bit shock that it's a 12A because of all the shooting. The fx are good, it's well paced and the story is good enough. I did fall asleep for a while though blush

lokisglowstickofdestiny1 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:20:39

I enjoyed it, I thought the plot was good as far as it went - it could have had more depth. Visually stunning and I liked the score. I didn't think it was a problem that the main character didn't have an Asian appearance, one of the main themes was identity and some of the plot points indicated there were reasons why she was specifically not Asian in appearance. Loved working out which old cars they had modified.

FreeNiki Thu 06-Apr-17 16:06:29

I enjoyed it very much, finally got to see it.

teddygirlonce Fri 07-Apr-17 19:23:44

I took my 11 and 16 year olds to see it and neither blinked. I found it a bit violent in parts but I'm a total softy. We didn't think it was the best film ever but it ticked the box for being one we could all enjoy together.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 11-Apr-17 23:06:18

I really enjoyed it, a cross between blade runner and the matrix. I think if I was a manga fan I'd be cross with the hash up but as a sci-fi fan I thought it was great. dh was left a bit bemused by it. Teen dd really enjoyed it.

AtlantaGinandTonic Wed 12-Apr-17 22:49:26

I saw it this week and quite enjoyed it. I want to see the original now, which I've been told is even better.

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