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The Good Lie, on Netflix

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BitOfFun Sat 11-Mar-17 00:42:16

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get angry, and you will be awed at the strength of the human spirit. Just watch it, honestly. So good.

AnyFucker Sat 11-Mar-17 00:52:55

Marking this to remind me to watch it smile

AnyFucker Sat 11-Mar-17 23:18:49

I enjoyed that <sob>

BitOfFun Sun 12-Mar-17 04:56:14

It's such a beautiful film.

GirlElephant Sun 12-Mar-17 05:15:30

Thanks for the tip

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 21-Mar-17 09:58:41

I loved this, really great film

Afterthestorm Tue 21-Mar-17 13:05:54

Have just watched this, thanks to this thread. Would highly recommend it.

user1486915549 Thu 23-Mar-17 18:46:34

Thanks for the recommendation. Loved it.

DesperatelySeeking2016 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:08:18

I watched this earlier in the week and loved it.

colouringinagain Thu 23-Mar-17 21:10:20

Thanks for the tip!

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