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Went to see Music & Lyrics last night... oh it was fab!

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ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 20:36:52

A lovely lovely romcom. Hugh Grant is very lovely in it too. I see to like the older Hugh much more than I did the younger, floppy haired version.

The songs are just whirling round in my head still; I read a really negative review of this film last week (never take much notice of them but often read them) and it was so wrong.. it's a great film, a lovely, funny, romantic feelgood film with some really good tunes in it.. even the real retro-style "80s" stuff

Has anyone else been?

I have just ordered myself the sound track (out tomorrow) with the tenner my auntie sent me for my birthday! (Don't you just love it when aunties still put money in birthday cards like they did when you were a child! )

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 20:46:19

Nobody else been?

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 21:31:51


On a different not, am 35 today. Am feeling a tad old. Not to insult all the many over 35s out there. I know it's not old (as such) but I feel it. It feels like nearly 40.

Ho hum.

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 21:38:21

Ah fuck this, sitting around talking to myself on my birthday, I can do that without the help of Mumsnet!


ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 21:53:11

I'm still here. Is this thread actually invisible I am wondering?? I know there is the odd thread that disappears into a sort of Nania-like abyss.. perhaps this is one of them.

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 21:55:39

This thread IS invisible isn't it!!

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 21:56:53

I created an invisible thread!!!

Can you all really really not see this??

Hulababy Sun 18-Feb-07 21:58:00

I want to go and see this I think. I don't normally like going to the cinema but fancy this one. Just need to find a free evening with childcare!

Posey Sun 18-Feb-07 21:58:55

Awwwww happy birthday to you
Only just got back here (have been faffing around with ebay and book people)

So sorry you feel ignored
I want to go and see it, may go in the day next Mon when kids are back at school and eat a load of popcorn all to myself!!!
Thanks for the recommendation.

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Sun 18-Feb-07 22:00:00

You can see this Hulababy???! Wow!! I was just going to start a chart thread and link to it.. I really thought it wasn't showing up to anyone else!!

Wow again.. I posted seven times with no replies!

But yes go see it, it was fab

irishbird Sun 18-Feb-07 22:03:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NurseyJo Sun 18-Feb-07 22:05:00

Message withdrawn

janeite Sun 18-Feb-07 22:18:36

Happy Birthday! Deffo want to see this as I love Drew Barrymore. I was 37 earlier this month, so you are most definitely not old! I'm still waiting for the day when I feel like "a grown up" - does it ever happen?

ShinyHappyBirthdayPerson Mon 19-Feb-07 08:47:01

Oh! More replies after I went off to watch Lost last night Thank you. Well, that's that birthday over and done with.. must away to change my name back! 35 it is then; , onwards and upwards! (Actually, every commercial break throughout Lost last night took the total piss... "Did you know that by the time they are 35 , 1 in 2 people will have high cholesterol... 1 in 2.. blah blah blah.." all I heard was 35, 35, 35! And I was trying to block it out!)

My sound track will arrive from tomorrow with any luck.. woohoooo

Janeite, no I don't feel my age either in a "grown up" kind of way.. that's good I guess!

anniebear Tue 20-Feb-07 21:26:25

Im seeing it tomorrow

FluffyMummy123 Tue 20-Feb-07 21:27:08

Message withdrawn

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 21:31:18

Happy Birthday, I'm also 35 this year!

I thought it was ok, story wise quite lame but very funny in parts!

anniebear Wed 21-Feb-07 21:19:24

it was quite good, but nothing special

Loved the song 'pop goes my heart" lol

cant sop singing it

mumtwogirls Thu 22-Feb-07 14:30:08

I saw it last night and thought it was good feel good movie. Nothing spectacular but easy on the brain. LOL! Hugh Grant was good and quite dishy in it. The opening song was very very funny!

mumtwogirls Thu 22-Feb-07 14:30:18

I saw it last night and thought it was good feel good movie. Nothing spectacular but easy on the brain. LOL! Hugh Grant was good and quite dishy in it. The opening song was very very funny!

mumtwogirls Thu 22-Feb-07 14:31:02

Sorry didn't mean to do this twice. Blame it on DD2, she pressed the button!!

slayerette Thu 22-Feb-07 14:35:47

Dh and I went to see it on Valentine's Day - I nearly cried laughing at the opening song! It was just what we needed - light-hearted, undemanding and funny.

JonesTheSteam Thu 22-Feb-07 14:36:32

Going to see this tonight - really looking forward to it after reading this thread!!!

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