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Tell me your favourite French films please

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Molesworth Sun 18-Feb-07 17:11:47

Can we take it Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Etre et Avoir and Amelie as read though?

My local video hire place has a huge selection of French films but I don't know where to start ...

expatinscotland Sun 18-Feb-07 17:12:38

The Girl on the Bridge

TrinityRhino Sun 18-Feb-07 17:15:37


gothicmama Sun 18-Feb-07 17:16:37

betty blue,
ma vie en rouge

2nervesleft Sun 18-Feb-07 17:16:56

I think apart from Amelie I have only ever seen La Cage au Folle(sp??). It was remade into The Birdcage by The Americans and had Robin Williams in it but none of the satire of the original.(hangs her head in Philistine shame)

satine Sun 18-Feb-07 17:17:43

'The beat that my heart skipped' is brilliant.

Molesworth Sun 18-Feb-07 17:18:07

<jots down Girl on the Bridge> thanks expat

Yes I love Amelie and all of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films

Molesworth Sun 18-Feb-07 17:18:48

Oh yes I loved the beat that my heart skipped too

Romain Duris phwoar

minigirl Sun 18-Feb-07 17:19:46

Le bonheur est dans le pré... cameo role of Eric Cantona! Very very funny and poignant at the same time.

prufrock Sun 18-Feb-07 17:20:24

Nikita - remade with Brigitte Fonda but nowhere near as good as original. amazing score by eric serra.

Le Grand Blue - about deep sea divers, with J-H Anglade (swoon) and Rosanna Arquette.

Jules et Jim if you want old classics

Monkeytrousers Sun 18-Feb-07 17:21:39





MrsSpoon Sun 18-Feb-07 17:22:20

Not a big French film buff but loved Tauntie Danielle (unsure about the spelling).

Tatties Sun 18-Feb-07 17:22:45

La Haine

Les Amants du Pont Neuf

Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite

A la folie...pas du tout

bettys Sun 18-Feb-07 17:23:14

L'Appartement, Nikita, Le Placard, Les Rivieres Pourpres, La Vie et Rien d'Autre

NotQuiteCockney Sun 18-Feb-07 17:23:28

Oh, I like Delicatessen and La Cite des Enfants Perdus.

There was a great one I saw on a plane, about a couple who met in a hotel room to have sex, and their relationship around that ... I have no idea what it was called. It was recentish. You never saw the actual sex, you just saw them meeting in a cafe. They both seemed to like each other a lot, but failed to actually communicate this fact, so didn't have a relationship. You never saw the inside of the hotel room.

Molesworth Sun 18-Feb-07 17:24:30

<frantically jotting>

Monkeytrousers Sun 18-Feb-07 17:24:34

Oh and Cyrano de Bergerac!

La reine Margot

satine Sun 18-Feb-07 17:24:55

I saw that one, too, NQC - I loved it, but stupidly I can't remember what it was called either...

Molesworth Sun 18-Feb-07 17:26:04

Ashamed to say I've not seen Cyrano de Bergerac yet

Have seen Hidden and loved that (although Austrian director so not strictly French but still ...)

NotQuiteCockney Sun 18-Feb-07 17:26:39

Grrr, satine, please find out? I'd like to see it again. I actually really dislike a lot of French cinema (Les Amants du Pont Neuf, I walked out of. Oh, Lola Zipper was tripe. I forget some of the rest.)

Oh, Le Declin de l'Empire Americaine is excellent.

And there was another Quebecois one I saw about a family with lots of brothers, one of which was gay ... Ah, yes 'Going Crazy'. Very sweet.

bettys Sun 18-Feb-07 17:27:51

Le Hussard sur le Toit (The Horseman on the Roof)

NotQuiteCockney Sun 18-Feb-07 17:28:31

Aha, 'une liason pornographique' Only it isn't. Well, the liason might well be, but the film isn't.

It's clear they're meeting up because of some kink or fantasy the woman has. But what that kink is, is never made clear.

mrsflowerpot Sun 18-Feb-07 17:29:10

Le Placard
Taxi (Luc Besson)
Ma vie est un enfer

bettys Sun 18-Feb-07 17:29:24

Hated Cache (Hidden)

gothicmama Sun 18-Feb-07 17:29:24

NQC ithink that's the one I was trying to remember

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