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Help me identify this film please!

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Dogolphin Fri 21-Oct-16 10:40:19

Its driving me crackers! I was half listening to This Morning a couple of months ago talking about a new film and interviewing the actress who played the mother in the film. It sounded fun, lighthearted and amusing. I thought I heard them say it was called 'The Girl on the Train'. Obviously its not! Now I have seen the trailer its very very not! So, what was it?

Here are the few details I can remember:

Archaeologist and treasure hunter search for an artifact.
Mother involved in some amusing way.
British Museum was mentioned.
Something about a train (but that may be very wrong!)
I didn't recognise any of the actors.

Any ideas or do I need to email Phillip and Holly?

SydneyCarton Fri 21-Oct-16 10:44:02

Is it Hooten and the Lady? Not a film, it's a new series on Sky. Jane Seymour plays the mum of the archaeologist ("the lady") and she (JS) gets kidnapped in one episode. She was on This Morning talking about it

Dogolphin Fri 21-Oct-16 10:49:21

Yes! That looks like it. No wonder I couldn't find it I was looking for a film. Makes sense they would interview Jane Seymour as well. It looks fun.

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