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Today I met Nello!!!!

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user1473454752 Fri 09-Sep-16 22:04:09

Have you ever watched the film Marvelous??? the story was about a man called Neil Baldwin, I'ts an uplifting story about a guy with a disability and to actually meet the man in real life today made me burst with pride, he is so inspiring.

OneManBucket Fri 09-Sep-16 22:17:34

Did you really?? He's one of the people on my list of 'Who I'd Love to Spent A Day With' so I'm quite jealous! What was he like? Where did you meet him?

user1473454752 Fri 09-Sep-16 22:36:51

He was probably around 5 foot 4 not as much hair, he was just lovely to talk too and when I was praising him on the film he said thank you and gosh it was just amazing I have been smiling all day, I met him in a church, he is supposed to be in a church in Preston tommorow, and it was quite by fluke that we met to be honest which made it even more special,so I am over the moon.

user1473454752 Fri 09-Sep-16 22:37:43

My hubby was well jealous, I couldnt wait to get home to tell him lol we have both watched the film several times.

OneManBucket Fri 09-Sep-16 22:50:38

I always watch that film whenever I feel down. What I love most is that when asked 'Did that really happen?' He says 'No' gringrin

He's such an inspirational, honest and beautiful person, I'm really bloody jealous you lucky thing! Meeting him by chance is the best way to meet him, it's the Neil Baldwin way after all smile

user1473454752 Fri 09-Sep-16 22:53:12

Blooming strange I can tell you, after the last year I have had to just meet this guy that is so inspirational was just beyond belief, it just melted my heart.

OneManBucket Fri 09-Sep-16 22:58:37

He's the only person who can say things like 'just be happy' and it makes sense.

Have you read his book? It was published last year so after the film, I haven't had the chance yet but I downloaded it ages ago and you've just reminded me!

user1473454752 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:15:36

I havent read the book and to be honest I dont have the time to read really, I wished I could have spoken to him more in depth but unfortunately I could not, but hey I have had a huge smile on my face all day.

Davros Mon 12-Sep-16 12:17:35

We love that film, he is an amazing person

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