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Charlotte's Web

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Crocodilekate Fri 02-Feb-07 10:54:30

I am looking for a film to take ds6 to see at half term and cannot remember the story of Charlotte's web.
Anyone know if this will be suitable for a boy who cries his heart out at Tarzan and The Tigger Movie?
Let him watch anything with violence and he loves it. Give him anything remoltely sad and he is a sobbing wreck.

Crocodilekate Fri 02-Feb-07 10:55:02


inoz Fri 02-Feb-07 11:00:29

my dd's ages 6 and 4 loved it. dd1 is the biggest scaredy cat ever (can't watch any Disney movies - all too scary) so I know your prob well. The scariest bit happens at the start (where they are going to kill the pig but don't) and it was over before dd even realised what was going on. The end where Charlotte dies is sad and dd1 cried at that bit, but then all her babies are born very soon after so dd1 was excited about that, but I did get questions for days afterward about why spiders have to die once they've laid their eggs.....HTH

Crocodilekate Fri 02-Feb-07 18:08:02

Thank you. may risk it then.

mysonsmummy Fri 02-Feb-07 18:14:31

threre is another thread on this about the spider dying at the end. just seen its about the book but might help here

tenbygirl Fri 09-Feb-07 16:04:39

Just been to see it with my 5yo and she loved it - didn't find it sad. She often cries at Bambi, Fox and the Hound, etc.

I enjoyed it as well- wasn't bored like I was in Happy Feet.

Hulababy Fri 09-Feb-07 16:06:44

Excellent to hear. Think we will take DD to see this in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

FrogPrincess Fri 09-Feb-07 16:08:32

dd is going with school next week as a treat from the headmistress as 'they have all been working very hard in maths'

Crocodilekate Thu 15-Feb-07 08:17:51

Really shouldn't have risked it. He was heartbroken, poor, sensitive soul that he is.

fluff32 Mon 26-Feb-07 00:13:45

Well went to see this film yesterday and thought it was brill. Laffed lots and also cried when charlotte died. I went with my kids and dp, the oldest one cried also but the other one didn't. and dp, well he didnt cry either but he did laff lots. I would say go see it.....

Aloha Mon 26-Feb-07 00:18:12

My ds (5) saw the earlier animated film on video this morning - and was absolutely schocked and distraught! I ended up writing an alternative ending with him, talking to him about the importance of empathy and how our imagination makes us feel as if fictional characters are real, and why it is good to let books and films affect us like that, and why it isn't a good idea to try to blame your two year old sister for the ending of a film not being to your liking and then showing that other people were sad at the end by looking at children's comments about the book, and reading the very end of the book, after Charlotte dies and Wilbur is left with three of her daughters to be his friends, and talked about the fact that even if people/things die we can still love them and be glad they lived. It was a pretty full on emotional morning! In retrospect, I think he wasn't ready for it...

thelittleElf Mon 26-Feb-07 00:28:05

I thought this film was fantastic...but i am a sucker for a kids film

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