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Apocalapto: Anyone seen it? Is it that gruesome??

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multitasker Thu 01-Feb-07 12:48:36

Have convinced DH to go to the cinema tomorrow night and this has got good reviews from different sources although I know there is alot of violence in it, so can anyone enlighten me??

multitasker Thu 01-Feb-07 18:42:53


multitasker Thu 01-Feb-07 21:48:07

So what to watch then?

faeriemum Fri 02-Feb-07 10:45:57

yes ive seen it, its very gruesome in parts, actually its quite shocking and very sad too....but its a fantastic film and will leave you feeling very thoughtful about it

multitasker Fri 02-Feb-07 15:37:09

Thanks Fairie, think I will go. Don't think dh would be fussed on Notes on a Scandal - think I'll keep that one for the girls.

faeriemum Fri 02-Feb-07 15:47:57

oh just incase you didnt know..its in subtitles...there isnt much talking in it to be honest with you...but what they do say is in subs... not as bad as it sounds, doesnt ruin the film at all

multitasker Sat 03-Feb-07 12:22:36

Well - turned out not to matter - dd2 was sick and film was off in Lisburnso stayed in and howled at American Idol on ITV2.

faeriemum Sat 03-Feb-07 19:30:56

do you want me to send it to you? * hush hush like *

multitasker Sun 04-Feb-07 15:23:29

Ohhhh yes please.....How do we go about contacting?? (Techno virgin)

faeriemum Sun 04-Feb-07 15:47:24

email me with your addy, i'll post it tuesday..will be with you wednesday such a fab film!

multitasker Sun 04-Feb-07 15:51:21

<Rubbing hands in childlike glee> Will email you shortly, many thanks!!

faeriemum Sun 04-Feb-07 15:55:18


faeriemum Fri 09-Feb-07 10:22:03

did u get it?

wuzzlefraggle Fri 16-Feb-07 23:03:25

ooo, ive seen this too. its a very good film, and i echo what FM said. gruesome in parts, sad (very sad i rekon) but brill.

multitasker Sun 18-Feb-07 22:04:08

Just watched it this weekend and apart from the large cushion in front of my face I think it was very good, bit sad, sooo well and convincingly acted. Mel Gibson doesn't do subtle!! Thanks again Fairie.

faeriemum Thu 22-Feb-07 16:16:27

glad you liked! no probs

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